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August 30, 2007



Amen and Amen and Amen

Read Bahamas

Read Bahamas


I've noticed that some people honestly don't have the _time_ to read. Well, they don't want to have the time to read. I know people who don't have a television yet their day to day activities don't have room in them for reading even a full page of a newspaper.

The best thing that ever happened to me was when I started reading the things I needed to read in order to perform my new job competently. Honestly, the only thing one needed to be considered suitable for this job was a willingness to read. Of course if my employers were allowed to freely bring in expatriates then the job requirements would have been much higher.

I remember an old friend of mine who I spent a lot of time talking to online via chat and e-mail. Not once did they ever speak in proper sentences and wherever possible their responses were 4 words or less. I opened one of our newspapers the other day and to my surprise almost half of the articles were written by this person. No wonder I read bahamapundit more than I read the papers.


A timely commentary NB. Many would blame the 'digital age' or 'television', but I wouldn't wholly agree with that. While I'm sure this has some influence, as with many things, a lot depends on the parents. And for various reasons, parents simply don't or won't take the time to read to very young children or encourage older ones to do so.

I don't live in The Bahamas at the moment, but I recently spent some time with my younger nieces and nephews there. As expected they're quite involved with their TV programmes and PlayStations, but of the 6 of them, only one of them reads for pleasure. They're all under the age of 11, they're all very intelligent, and apparently do well at school, but only the one can be counted on to always have a book close to hand.

I pointed this out to my siblings, and their response as to why their children won't read was generally 's/he doesn't like to read'. I recall one of them received a few books for her birthday last year, and she made no bones about the fact that she didn't like the gift. Her parents response? Nothing.

But I feel that the reason the one nephew enjoys reading so much, is that he spent much of his formative years with his grandmother - my mother - who instilled this love of reading in him as she did in all of us. To this day all, bar one, of the 5 of us continues to enjoy reading. So I don't understand why this wasn't passed on. I'd hope if I spent more time there, I could push it, but unfortunately that's not the case.

It's a real shame.

Larone R. Fawkes

Even more sadly is that those among us that are considered powerful and are not well read themselves, they may hold positions of influence whether religious or political, but cannot offer deep Philosophical discussions matters; hence the society is slowing descending to a mere primordial existence of living, where life is merely one of feeding, defecation and propagation.

Reading allows us to life above the threshold of animals; it allows us to come into the fullness of being humans, and to experience the fullness of God. The lack of it in our society explains why we lack depth and substance, yet still why we are dying as a people, as a society.

Edward Hutcheson

Required reading!

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