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August 22, 2007


chris armaly

Excellent, excellent article. Even if someone can make the argument that Greenslade did nothing wrong; What kind of precedent does this set for other officers. They will have their hand out at every turn when they "simply do a job", their job. I can see it now…catch an armed robber, a Hyundai accent from Quality…a rapist , Toyota Camry from Executive Motors… a murderer, a Mercedes from Tyreflex!

It is now obvious why he is so adamantly against foreign police. IA force that might actually get the job done. I have said it time and time again, an island with $200,000+/- people is not hard to control. There are cities with 8 and 10 million people in the world that is safer than this rat infested, filthy dump.

As for the shipping terminal, I'm sorry but the cost of moving to the south and cutting a harbour into New Providence will more to the tune of $1 billion, not a meager 200 million. Football stadiums holding 55,000 people cost $7000 million and that is in the U.S.!

We must also understand that inland freight for downtown and other commercial areas will go to the roof. Truckers today can average 5-6 trips per day, however if the port is relocated to the southwest only two trips per day can physically happen with today's traffic etc. These truckers will want the same money for two trips as the present day 5-6 trips.

Quite frankly, we have a naturally protected harbour and with some major overhauls Arawak Cay can be the shipping terminal at half of the cost and still achieve the same or similar objectives.

john doe

I couldnt believe what i saw in the news paper article what you said about mr greenslade furthermore the police officers in freeport did not buy him any expensive gifts it was persons who felt that a good man was leaving the island and they decided to show how much they appreciated him. the police in freeport are not rich and did not solicit any money to buy any gift please get your facts straight. it seem you nassau people have something against freeport

have sense

police officers our the seem people you call when you in trouble off course we dont need foreign officers all the public does is talk bad about the police who risk their lives for them every day not looking for any hand out for it dont be an idiot

larry smith

I couldn't believe what I saw in the newspaper in July - Greenslade saying there was no issue. Obviously, there was an issue or he wouldn't have been ordered to return the gifts.

And if John Doe is correct in saying that the Freeport police did not contribute or solicit money and gifts for a big lavish party for their boss - then who did? And why?

Public officials should never accept money or valuable gifts for very obvious reasons. Don't be an idiot.

Rachel Coakley

In all fairness, I believe that Mr. Greenslade has been made the scapegoat in this sordid situation.
1) Commissioner Paul Farquharson sanctioned the whole event, and knew prior what was going to be purchased with those monies collected. He could have stopped everything right there and there - but he did not have the "balls" to do so. It took Reginald Ferguson, who does not want Mr. Greenslade to be elevated to the post of Deputy Commissioner upon John Rolle's retirement complaining to his brother Johnley, who in turn made a spectacle of the whole affair.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Greenslade is an ordained minister of the gospel. I think he is affiliated with Robinson Morris AME Zion Churches.

Allbeit, in my personal view, I do not know Mr. Greenslade, but I percieve him to be an honest and above board individual, and had he known in advance what sort of presentations he would be receiving, the results would have been different.

So how will you Mr. Larry, read into the building that was recently constructed with monies from hard working senior officers on the grounds of the Police Headquarters and monies donated by Mr Mosko, inclusive of all the paint etc. If Mr. Greenslade's gifts are to be auctioned and monies given to charity, then this building should follow suit.

There is too much indecisiveness remaining in and among our people, and something must be done to curtail these things.

Joan Thompson

Just read your column. Alarm bells ring!!

You are in grave risk of becoming politically incorrect to a fault.

Gift giving to politicians and law enforcers is a “no, no” if impartial justice has meaning.

It had to be said, and I am so glad you have said it.

larry smith

Well, Rachel, you obviously know more about the workings of the upper echelons of the police force than I do.

Others may well have displayed poor judgement in this matter, or had personal agendas to push. But it was Greenslade who accepted the gifts and Greenslade who defended them in the press. And, as we all know, Greenslade is a well-educated and highly qualified senior officer.

The operative word in this matter is "personal". But you are right that there should be a public policy for the channeling of money and gifts to official agencies.

Local businesses get lots of requests from government departments for money to fund parties and other social events - there is an implied threat that service will not be provided unless you cough up.

The Observer

Chris, Arawak Cay in my opinion is not a feasible alternative to relocate the freight terminals to. Trucks will still use Baystreet and Shirley Streets as the roads to reach Thompson Traders, Lighbourne Traders, D’Albenas Agency and all the other major business in that area I missed. The southwestern portion of the island is in my opinion (I actually proposed that area over 25 years ago) the only feasible area to locate the shipping port, it is unfortunate that it is currently being used as a political football.

With a proper highway there is no reason truckers should lose time or the amount of trips they can make in any given day. As many of the major businesses using containers are currently located or relocating outside the city area it makes sense to get the shipping companies out of the downtown area.

My observations

wendell munnings

We just read your tough call column where you touched on the port relocation.

We are quite concerned about the taking of Bahamian owned property for the use of private developers.

We understand that the government has served a notice to acquire Bahamian owned land for the building of a new road to the new port. How could this be when there is no final decision on a new port? This is being done for the benefit of the developers of the exclusive Albany Bay all at the expense of the Bahamian people under the guise of a rediversion of traffic to the new port.

We are also informed that the developers of Albany Bay will be given that portion of Adelaide Road which they will close off to the public and use in their private development. How much did the developers of Albany Bay pay to the Bahamian people for this existing road?

As Bahamians we need answers. We cannot afford to sit back any longer while the government enter into these "heads of agreements" with provisions which may be unconstitutional.

If a lot in Albany Bay will be sold at minimum of $1M, please tell me what they are paying for Bahamian owned land. Moreover, how is it that the government can acquire privately owned land under the guise of public use for the benefit of a private developer.

We are asking for you and/or your organization to investigate this matter and make a public call for proper answers from the government on behalf of the Bahamian people.


I would not be surprise if we learn that this was not the first time Mr. Greenslade received gifts. What about the discounts and special favours on things he purchased. This too should not have happened. But it has.

Jane Graves

I enjoyed your 'Silly Season' piece. It's one thing to be attacked through the letters page of a newspaper but quite another via the ether and, presumably, sometimes anonymously.

The decay of bay Street is indeed a dreadful crime, when I think how we used to wander down from Park Manor on Market Street on a Saturday morning, sit in the Poinciana restaurant for a coke and Boston cream pie, then amble through the perfumed portals of the Nassau Shop, it was all so pleasant and civilised, such a pity! If it's any consolation there are parts of England which will have changed even more in those intervening years.

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