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September 18, 2007



yes 10 to 20+% of the students have problems. But at least 25% of the teachers I had in my time had problems of their own. And if it wasn't the teacher with the problem it was the overall Administration that just wasn't making sensible decisions.

I was never a trouble maker.

Here are some examples of the type of bull I had to put up with back in high school.

7th grade Math teacher whenever we had a double session (90 minutes) she's close all the windows, close the door, turn off the fans, turn off the lights and make us site in absolute silence while she took a nap. Of course we complained. 10 years later she still has the same job at the same school probably doing the same $#!+.

8th grade: Math teacher took maternity leave and the substitute had no idea how to teach math.
English teacher substitute was a very nice and intelligent woman but had zero years experience teaching.

9th grade: Math teacher had this weird desire to spend all of our class time telling us stories about her childhood in Jamaica.

English teacher made me and 2 other students face the back of the room for weeks at at time, preventing us from learning anything. She'd write assignments on the board, have the class write them down then erase them so we couldn't see and forbid the other students to tell us what it was. Of course they told us but still that woman's behaviour was insane.

10th & 11th grade just had far too many foreign teachers with too many accents for me to comprehend them all, plus by 11th grade I had just given up and nobody cared that I had given up.

12th grade: Graduated....although according to the school handbook I definitely did not have the grades required to graduate. A lot of people didn't. They just changed the rules in the last minute so they could brag in the newspapers that all their students got diplomas or something.

Meanwhile a few of my best friends who left that school in the 9th grade were graduating at the top of their class with very very good grades.

I wanted to leave my school in the 11th grade and start over in the 10th at that other school but my family would not let me.

Jerome Sherman

The comment above made me smile but its so sad.
Former assist. commissioner of police Mr Paul Thompson has a plan drawn up to curb the violence in our schools; I like this plan. The idea of police patrolling the grounds of our schools dont sit too well with me.
That is not the solution. Its a temporary fix at the expense of policing the wider society not to mention the social and psychological impact. There's got to be another way moreso than strong arm tactics.

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