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October 22, 2007


Steffan Antonas


Great article. You've asked the right questions. Why should we hold on to the number 12? - it seems arbitrary, and without any scientific study that explains why we've come to that number, it's right to rethink it's relevance in the deliberation process. Why follow old rules simply because it's the way it's been done since the 14th century, when reducing the number to 9 does not affect the essential function of the jury or its conclusions? If it makes the judicial process cheaper and more efficient, and we can point to evidence that says that, historically, outcomes are generally the same for cases with smaller juries than with 12 - what reason would we have to oppose the new bill? It would seem backwards to do so.


Remember, technically we have not acknowledged that we even have a major crime problem yet.
Just today in the news there was the Police spokesperson denying an "out of control" problem, downplaying it into an increase.
Build a prison for a capacity of 20,000. Message? we can handle the criminals once prosecuted.
Separate civil and petty criminals from major criminals.
Bring in and pay properly at least 40+ magistrates for Nassau and 20+ supreme court justices from the commonwealth countries to serve along side Bahamians qualified. It might keep the Bahamian judges honest !
10+ Magistrates for Freeport, 6+ Supreme court Justices.
Message? We will process you quickly.
Equip the Police with all tools proven to assist them as in all other countries.
Helicopters( offered to all three past administrations by the private sector and turned down)
video cameras in public places
Decent pay scale for officers
Remove political appointments and promotions. STop political interference.
Hold members of the Bar accountable. Justice is not a money mill for their personal enrichment.
Put in place professional C.O.P procecutors not police officers studying law.
Message? we will get you sooner or later.
We will prosecute you professionally.

WIll this win popularity contests?
No, but it is a start to addressing a very real threat to our national and individual security.
Remember dead people don't vote, so it is up to those still alive to send a clear message to those in positions to make decisions, decisions that cannot afford delay.
It will only get worse otherwise, something it's been doing for the past 30 years.
P.S. None of the political players I see in my opinion on either side have the guts or determination to deal with this,
but that will not make the problem go away.


Just how much are Bahamian Magistrates and Judges paid anyway ?

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