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January 21, 2008


Howard W. Thompson Jr*

Mr. Butler,

A good read as always! Very incisive to say the least and to this extent, I do hope that you get the ‘nod’ this go around :--).


The sad thing is, though, is that the last thing the country needs is more politics. What we need is governance, and good government is hard to come by. While the masters squabble, the nation devours itself.


Mr. B, if this sorry situation doesn't make the case for some tweaking in our parliamentary and electoral system, I don't know what will. Imagine if other, better qualified, if not less connected members of the public were allowed to contest in a primary or at least a closed caucus of just PLP or FNM voters before gaining a party nomination? Imagine if there were no candidates committee made up of friends and allies with their own agenda, but either an up or down straw vote taken at the branch level of both parties or a full primary complete with debates and the voting party supporters in the area as the only deciders?

As the previous post implied, you would have probably been one of two Butlers in the House and we would be done with this mess. Keep keeping it real Craig.


Surely it's time to call a truce among political adversaries in The Bahamas?

After losing her bid to have the recent election in Pinewood overturned by the Election Court Mrs. Allyson Maynard-Gibson took the high road and said something to the effect that she only went to court to protect our democratic system.

A friend asked, rhetorically I'm sure, if she would have done the same thing had she won the seat?

It is doubtful she would have, but it begs the question that if the PLP knew the Election process was flawed, why didn't they correct it after they won in a landslide in 2002?

Are they prepared to win with a flawed process, but not lose the same way?

I tend to agree with the position that had the PLP called the election when Constitutionally mandated, the errors on the Register of Voters might not have been so egregious as they were in the Constituency of Pinewood. The Parliamentary Commissioner and his staff might have had time to resolve most of the errors.

Yes, most of the errors. There will always be people that try to out smart the system and these should be challenged on polling day when the poll workers are armed with the results of the door to door canvassing by the political proponents as usual.

All that aside, I agree with the pundits that it is time for the rhetoric to stop on both sides of the political divide so the country can move forward. The PLP need to drop the pending cases and the FNM need to ease up on the needling.

It seems pointless to continue to rile citizens up over the election results. The election is over. The FNM won and the PLP lost.

If there are legitimate cases of fraud, those individuals should be prosecuted, including the bearer of of alleged fake ballots on election day.

Maybe, just maybe, if we start prosecuting people for illegal activity, we will start moving citizens toward obeying the law, rather than recklessly ignoring it as so many of us do.

It's now time to 'move forward, upward, onward together' as our motto implores us.

The race is over for a while and the checkered flag has been waved.

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