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January 06, 2008


Ginny Mckinney

I always read your articles with great enthusiasm as you have always researched your subject well (or know it intimately because you were there) and your manner of writing is easy to read and it is easy to visualize what you are describing.

After you article of the 28th of November on renewable energy I wanted to inform you that we, a predominantly Bahamian group of persons, under the name 'Bahamas Renewable Energy Resources Co.' have proposed to the government a Waste to Energy (Thermal Conversion) plant in New Providence, as well as others for all the more populous Family Islands.

We submitted our initial proposal Nov.1st 2007 and have since that time been burning the phone lines up and generally canvassing for support and changes in legislation.

Through my company Wastenot Limited, I run Cans for Kids, an aluminium can recycling effort that is raising funds for schools and youth/sporting groups through can recycling. With that premise you would think everybody and their Uncle would be onboard but sadly that is not the case. We have struggled along for nearly 10years now without really diverting anymore than about 5% of the cans from the landfill. Yet the potential for funds for the youth is enormous and at no great cost to anyone, just 'trow your can into our bin'. But as of yet we have not struck the right chord.

We also offer a 'Green Waste' collection service to try and divert as much garden waste(and its attendant methane gas production, which is as you know 20 times more dangerous a GW gas than CO2) away from the landfill. Again this has not garnered much support. We are not so surprised since we are competing against a 'free' Government service and there seems to be no will to change this state of affairs, consequently we have very few Customers who take advantage of our service.

Having experienced this reluctance to do the right thing for the environment and the kids I think people mostly pay lip service to these environmental subjects. They talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Now with Global Warming (GS) being 'officially recognised', there has been an increasingly nervous chorus crying for alternative, renewable energy but people do not seem to see Global Warming's connection to things like discarding cans and green waste into the landfill. Anymore than they see the need for nurturing the youngest and most impressionable of our society. We reap what we sow. Years of neglect both in caring about our children's welfare and education and the beautifull environment we live in, has brought us to the brink of collapse in both areas.

I could go on but I hope I have given you some food for thought. I hope you will support our push to make this a reality the Lord knows we need all the support we can get as the government (any government) finds this kind of thinking outside the box terrifying.

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There are commercial interests that would love to get their hands on old growth timber, and while old growth is unlikely to be used in a pulp mill, increased paper demand from less recycling would only help their case by increasing timber demand overall. Glaeser says "Our policies should directly protect important wildlife habitats, not try to reduce our demand for paper," but I think the protections themselves are partly endogenous and a function of the level of demand (e. g. as the demand for energy goes...

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