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January 28, 2008


Jasper Rolle

we do not need an electronic voting system and most definitely we did not need a by-election.What We need is for Bahamians to stand up for their "rights and "rites" and vote wisely based on a candidates stability and reliability to to perform his job and live out his promises rather than voting based on likability and popularity.And final We simply need a Government who will do his job,do it right ,is not crooked and is stable. thats what we need!!!!


You are absolutely correct. I served as a Presiding Officer in the 1987 election and part of my job was to record the counterfoil number and the voter's card number. The ballot is secret in that one cannot easily reconcile the ballot to the individual, but it is perfectly possible to do so.

With regard to Junkanoo, however, I worked in the tally room for almost 20 years. The system that presently exists has become far too complex and difficult to manipulate. Whatever errors exist are the result of its inefficiencies, which are vast.


WE DO NOT NEED an electronic voting system. Have you not been paying attention to all the issues they are having with those things in other countries?

There are a few countries who haven't had issues but that's only because their systems wasn't built by any of the North American companies who have proven time and again how pathetic their systems are.


The voter registration problem.
When I got my voters card we had to spend half an hour flipping though a big, old, thick book of outdated maps trying to find my street that did not exist on any of them. Then they had to call someone at another registration location near my house and give them the directions so they could ask people who live in the area if such a place exists!

Crap like that could be avoided by having an electronic REGISTRATION system (not voting). It doesn't even have to be a data driven "system". The just need to give the people working at the registration areas a laptop with a high resolution map of the island with an overlay indicating the boundaries of the constituencies. This is NOT hard to do. It is NOT expensive to create such a map (well, maybe we'll have to pay a bit to the company who took the photos). Government agencies already have laptops in their posession.

Google Maps and Microsoft Live Maps and Nasa WorldWind and others ALL show my street, my house, and my car parked in front of my house with my orange cat sitting on the car!

With a good map there should be no uncertainty about where a person lives and what constituency they are allowed to vote in.



In another stunning blow to the security and integrity of Diebold's electronic voting machines, someone has made a copy of the key which opens ALL Diebold e-voting machines from a picture on the company's own website.

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