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February 04, 2008


drew Roberts

"The prime minister should rethink his position."

I think I have to agree here. At the very least we should be given a clear break down of why it cannot be extended.

Some things to think about...

We should also look for a way to give an exemption, at least to Bahamians, on stamp tax and other government charges to houses / properties being sold for a good period of time (on the order of seven to twenty years) after the payment of such on a sale.

This would allow young, handy Bahamians to purchase fixer-uppers and put in sweat equity and re-sell and build some wealth at an early age. With the way we do things, that is almost impossible if you want to be squeaky clean on the legal front.

Notice how governments can build in cost of living adjustments when it is in their own interests but seem to lack the same insight when it comes to the well being of their citizens?

The US with their income tax exemption comes to mind.

Us with our car duty strata. Hello, a $20,000 car is no longer a luxury car by any stretch of the imagination in case anyone is not paying attention.

all the best,


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