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March 24, 2008


Bob Knaus

I have often said that a lottery to fund education is a marvelous idea.

Most government-run lotteries return about 50 cents in prizes for every dollar you invest. Doesn't that seem a stupid way to spend money?

So, the lottery is a tax on stupidity which supports education. It solves its own problem! Who could be against that?

Ryan Knowles

Very well put. Your thoughtful arguments put most of our current political and religious leaders to shame. I'm a libertarian at heart, so it's easy for me to agree, but hopefully this will convince others as well.

Dr. Speedy Gonzales MD LLP

"... lottery system could be used to sustain various cultural and sporting programmes"

Why does everyone care so damned much about these f*cking athletes. Don't get me wrong, I like watching a good game and seeing Bahamians win Gold at the Olympics but the Honor Rollers and computer nerds who get picked on or outcast by the athletic types will be 100 times more important to the future of the country than all these kids who'll run track in high-school then not even try to go to college.

John Doe


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