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April 09, 2008


Sharon L. English

My brother is married to a young lady from Zimbabwe and she is a lovely person. She told us about the horror she endured while living in Zimbabwe. They do not have any running water and out door toilets. In my opinion, Africa is one of the worlds richest nation and I do not understand why the people of this continent do not fight for their rights.



I normally like your posts. But, this one is simply just too over the top. If not in fact a grossly unfair characterization, when quite truthfully, both said countries took two totally separate pathways to development after colonialism.

Also, the Zimbawe experiment, after brutal colonialism, is no laughing matter. Ian Smith, is probably burning in hell along with the other colonial thinkers of the day, who cut Africa up. Which has worked much in keeping the continent, in the continual state of confusion and chaos. All sides agree. In deep Africa and the Middle East.

While I got straight to the jist of your position- comparing Bahamas racist rhetoric, or, what can be assumed to be racist rhetoric, to now, compare that to Zimbawe and Mugabe's "failures". To be honest, I don't even see how you got to that conclusion.

Talk about a surprise ending! LOL...

Not to defend Mugabe. But, he was over zealous, at the very least, in regards to his Zimbawe-ization policies. The first PLP was no where near that type of economic strategy and in fact, many black Bahamians were very upset with the PLP for not doing enough in levelling the playing field for more blacks! And, when any political party in the Bahamas today, tries to distribute taxes to the poor and middle class blacks, people cry hand outs! Good grief!

Back to the rhetoric. As you can see quite plainly, in multicultural countries, even as metropolitan as the USA, race, is a HUGE issue- just look at the presidential race. It's just one of those things Larry.

However, to unfairly charecterize the PLP in regards to the economic failure in Zimbawe, to not realize the main point of your argument is set in play in the USA ---and also, if we would also look into the race baiting in Europe---for us to now say that we have a fair comparison on any level, or, in particular to rhetoric, or, to even allude to any of it, is totally FAR OUT LARRY...lol....if not way off base! People would and should take offence to that- here or there!

I thought more of your perspicacity Larry. But, you saying these things, makes you come accross as a profligate propagandist, in word and intent, in regards to such a clearly outlandish comparison, on such levels which are absolutely unfair- on all sides!

Shame on you Larry. Shame on you!


larry smith

Bill, this article attempted to explore the background to the Zimbabwe situation by comparing it to the far more moderate Bahamian experience - in an effort to make foreign affairs more relevant to the local reader.

As I used to say in my radical days, 'it is too bad the PLP didn't lock up some of the UBP bigwigs because then we would have a precedent to do the same to the Pindling regime bigshots.'

Zimbabwe's present condition has nothing to do with Mugabe being overzealous, and everything to do with his personal megalomania.

Now Mugabe is in the same position that Smith was in under UDI - he is under fire for leading a corrupt and vicious authoritarian regime in defiance of international norms that brutalises its own people in the name of bullshit.

No wonder Smith is laughing.


Mugabe might have gone a little mad, megalomaniacal, whatever you wanna call it... but this was the type of man that it took to kick out those vicious racist apartheidists. Whats wrong with taking back land that the whites stole, or as we say, tief? And more importantly, why does the world care so much? Given that there's stuff going on in Sudan, Congo, Somalia, I could go on till the cows come home. Let me tell you why the world cares: because Mugabe gone and mess with the white man. So then Europe drop some serious sanctions on his backside, and then the Zim people starving... So is he megalomaniacal or just a stubborn revolutionary who can't bear to watch his revolution dissolve under the pressure from the very same colonialists who he booted out 30 years ago. No, no Larry, the Zim situation and the global situation is very much to do with the "rhetoric of the past". It is the same age old fight for hegemony, the paler inhabitants of the northern hemisphere have declared war on us people of colour in the south. Only solution is resistance

larry smith

This article does not discuss taking back white land because it is not relevant to the situation any more, except as a cover for Mugabe's megalomania.

And there is no argument from the great white north either - only a concern over how its done.

And who says the world doesn't care about Sudan? That's all we have heard about for years.

If you want to let Mugabe do what he wishes because he's black and at one point he was in the right, that's your problem.

Other people don't view the world through racial glasses 100% of the time.


its not about race, its about oppression. This is what created Mugabe. History defines the present and the present defines the future. Instead of focusing simply on his megalomania, you would be more circumspect to recognise that its not the man, its the oppressive global climate that sees people being exploited the same old ways, except now the colonialists have devised even more devious ways to get what they want. As long as its that way, we will always have egomanaical tyrants. Plus, Europe does not have the moral authority to chastise anyone.

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