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April 23, 2008


Oscar El Groucho

Also sometimes gas does not catch fire and is not vented. It just sits under the trash creating a (sort of) sterile environment where decomposition no longer occurs.

I wouldn't be surprised to find newspapers from the 70's that still look as good as the day they were thrown away.

Shelley Martin

I am curious to know the status of the not yet completed sanitary landfills and what are the resulting health risks associated with the toxic exposures.

Tim Roberts

I would love to see these waste-to-energy plants built and put to use, but, somehow the pessimist in me rises up to say, 'the government has always been lax on environmental things, why will they change now. It's all just frivolous banter and makes them feel like they are concerned while doing nothing about it."

My hopeful side thinks that environmental pressures from the rest of the world may actually spur some of this into reality.

What is also long overdue is recycling in the Bahamas. There is also good money in recycling as well.

For a country that relies so much on our history and environment for our economic stability, we are very careless with it, and don't take the care we should of it.


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