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May 13, 2008



"Those who sit on the sidelines, reflexively condemning politics and politicians, might consider the complex issues with which political leaders are confronted. They might consider the sacrifices made and the intense scrutiny endured by politicians".

Complex issues created by those who would rule the hoards, made, dependent on their benevolence and handouts, funded by those who do not, but who produce.
Without their misfeasance and malfeasance, the issues are quite simple, but unacknowledged, and unsolvable by them.
As for their sacrifice, it must be easy to sacrifice your people, while making millions for oneself.

"It’s amazing that politicians are virtuous when they pursue my self-interests, but demons when they pursue the interests of others. Then, when they attempt to balance competing interests, they are labelled sell-outs by all sides"

Politicians should persue no interests other than protecting the rights of citizens to persue happiness, and protect our freedom to trade.
Defence of the realm is also their responsibility to its citizens, but to persue the interests of one group over another is to advance the interests of some at the expense of others.
They are sellouts, sellouts of ideals, morals, and people.
They have sold out our value as thinking people, and have robbed us of our initiative.

"The ultimate balance of power in a democracy is the eternal vigilance of a responsible and active citizenry".

I agree but we, the above mentioned have given up our "rights" in subservience to those we elect.
How will we re-claim it?
They will not give it up willingly, and have no wish to answer to us, the people or the law of the land.


To the author,

I am not holding a pity party for any politician. Do your job!

But, the article does have merit on some issues. The quote by Acton was put in greater context. Also, the democratic influences of other non government structures- ie. media, church and academia, is something we are struggling with.

More importantly however, and this is for the ending part of the article; the truth is always the truth. We don't need people, running to the rescue of any politician, because they can't bear to hear the criticism, harsh or constructive, from their people.

Politricks, is politricks!


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