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June 03, 2008



I like your third option; especially if it could mean freeing up some financing for independent productions -- $10 million could go a long way for independent producers. The resultant diversity of viewpoints and content and influences would be thrilling.

"...creole and conchy joe programming, hard-hitting documentaries, extravagant cultural productions, a wholesale cutback in religious pantomime, strict editorial independence, production of regular financial statements and operating within a realistic budget." Excellent summary of what would be needed and could be possible if the public service broadcasting approach is taken. It is actually inspiring to conceive of it! But depressing to realise the reality that it is unlikely, at least any time soon.

"...to pry the station away from government control..." is reminiscent of what has been done with the PUC; and in the real world the PUC did not BECOME independent in its function and operation, but rather IS BECOMING independent. It is a process that I believe would apply similarly to BCB. That divestment would have to evolve, I fear, rather then just "happen".

Sadly, I suspect that "public service broadcasting" would be a lot of "public service" and lot less "broadcasting", in the best sense of the term.

Great thoughts, Larry.


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