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July 08, 2008



Hi Craig, a couple corrections:

"I am disturbed by the fact that the government chose last year to remove certain incentives"

I believe this provision expired, and was not renewed, but now has been.

"The lowering of duties in respect of certain basic products was long overdue. However, my fear is that many distributors will not pass on the savings but rather seek to reap even greater profits".

The last 2% stamp tax was removed from already duty free food items, some 160 items which will not in all probability show any price reduction to consumers or great windfall profit increase to wholesalers/retailers.
This is because wholesalers and retailers have been by and large eating the increases in utilities, shipping, fuel surcharges and all other increasing costs.
On the other hand, and more study is needed which I urge everyone to do, most duty rates have gone up and not just by the 3% rounding up exercise. Also the new excise tax rates are also impressive.
Machetes: from 0% to 45%
Generators: from 10% to 45%
Motor oil: 27 to 45%
Automobiles: 65/75/85%
One should ask and arrive at the obvious, that is if they are projecting an increase in revenue, where but the public pocket will it come from?

For all the nessessary and essential infrastructure that needs replacing, and all the wonderfull programs of social provision that they will "give" us,
who but "we" will pay for it?

drew Roberts

"Generators: from 10% to 45%"

With as bad as BEC is, are they insane?



That goes without saying Drew, but we should be reminded from time to time.
The whole fiasco is centered around the fact that the WTO that they want to join so bad, would have problems with our tariff rates, considering them "barriers to trade" irrespective of the fact that we produce nothing, and levy these tariffs across the board because they are a main source of treasury income.
Most states, the U.S. included, place items that they do produce into a "excise"tax, collected upon export.
We have followed suit, but done so in order to "protect" the revenue generated by the most proftable catagories so to speak, and enable us to say "but look, no import duties"
A similar approach was used for "duty free liquors" while having an exorbitant "stamp tax"
The elimination of stamp tax was also due to a potential WTO issue, because remember stamp tax was a document resistering fee, that somehow became liable on the "value" of transactions.
SOmehow, someone clued into the potential to increase revenue, and upon first hearing the Budget Communication reference was made to "increased efficiencies" in collections
It appears that what was meant was increased rates of collection.
In short, they have a big, ever expanding government to run, and we will pay for it.


With regard to the civil service and the civil servants, I had the privilege of working for Minister Collie's Permanent Secretary Harrison Thompson, who is also sharing the responsibility and the blame for the affair, and know him as an honourable gentleman as well.

In this scenario, then, two honourable men are bearing the responsibility for something that has gone wrong.

I could say more about the civil service, but I won't right now. Suffice to say that not all of us screw up and that there are many, many hardworking and honourable individuals working in it.



I also had the chance to interact with Minister Collie, and will put it this way:
Upon leaving the meeting, I had the distinct feeling that I had been heard and better still, had been understood.
To be sure, I know many fine Civil Servants, helpful always,
who know the rules and follow them. They all seem to go so far in their careers, and then stop, far below their potential.

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