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October 27, 2008


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Simon, stop starting all your posts with: "Simon is a young Bahamian with things on his mind who wishes to remain anonymous. His column 'Front Porch' is published every Tuesday in the Nassau Guardian. He can be reached at frontporchguardian@gmail.com"

That's all I can see in my RSS feed reader. Doesn't do much to make me want to click through to read the post.

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...lol.. what 20-foot obelisk?
I've never heard of that story and I honestly can't remember ever noticing a 20-foot obelisk.


While you're right about the heritage sector, it's a whole lot easier to see and appreciate what's known as the tangible cultural heritage of a nation. However, in postcolonial societies in particular, the richest cultural heritage is often intangible. Despite the current interest in and allocation of resources for the development of our heritage, there is very little invested in the intangible side of our heritage -- a side that is under particular threat thanks to mass media, popular culture, etc.

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