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November 19, 2008


drew Roberts

Just a second while I put on my tinferl hat...

It seems that all recent governments want downtown to fail and be a mess...

Why else dig up / pave downtown in December for so many years since the 80s?

You can't mess up the merchants busy season so often and expect them to have the excess capital needed to do what we need.

OK, tinferl hat is off again. It was a little tight.

all the best,


It's me again

I and a few others have some wild, crazy, and surprisingly cheap and simple ideas about how to improve downtown and make a small profit (not for us) in the process.

The problem is we have no idea who to take these ideas to or how to approach them.


Might as well find and berate a village idiot, the response will be about the same.
Apologies to any village idiots out there, no insult intended.

Wait for the duty rate increases next time around.
Where else will they get the funds to replace what has been diverted in the name of looking good and expediency.
THe politicos are feeling the pressure, their silence indicates that, the workers feel it, their pockets feel it, the private sector feels it, sales are down, costs are up.
The civil service isn't yet affected though.
Same job, same pay, same attitude, different day.
Keep trying though, we are our only hope going forward.

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