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February 01, 2009



Well observed, Simon.

When people call for an "Obama" here, I think it's an indication of the electorate growing ready to break from the UBP/PLP mould that our society has set in over the past forty years.


Nicolette - I think its just that the Bahamian people want a new forward thinking direction, talk of optomism, a clear way forward.


Perhaps Bahamians are realizing the reality of the national mess we are in, although to expect one person to clean it up is not realistic.
A very tall order.


One person doesn't clean it up - but one person can chart a new direction, fresh ideas, a way to build our economic stability.


Hi all,

I don't think there is a need for a Bahamian Obama. We just need another leader for the time where we are at--I do think, however, that there is virtue in a two term limit to PM's. It puts a greater pressure to perform right away, rather than have someone waffling away in the parliament up until the last minute, thinking he or she will get another four years at some point and time down the road.

But, to add some context to the issue; George Bush, served for the time he was there, to the issues he met and which landed on his lap.

Pres. Clinton, also, served his time and ushered in a new wave of government building, unseen in any government over the time of history-- in addition to, presiding over a good economy with a government surplus (which was more a cyclical dynamic than anything).

Same too with Reagan. One thing we never give enough credit to with Reagan, was that he showed us the virtues of supply side economics (which made America more of a global commercial leader in light of an emerging EU).

All former Us president's have virtues that are astounding and served them and the country, well during the time they were in office.

Pres. Obama, did not create dynamism. In fact, he is slightly floundering with this stimulus bill. A stimulus bill, which is a horrible piece of legislature and one in which his congressional compatriots got him into.

So, while folks are a little mezmerized with the likes of Obama, be informed that he is only dynamic in the sense that 1. he is the first non-white/bi-racial president and 2. (as a consequence) that helped to galvanize a country, dying for a "feel-good" moment.

His legacy will be shaped by how he reacts to what happens to him in office. Up until now, he has not reacted with proper authority.

So, unless anyone, anywhere, would only prefer a different race/ethnic leader and also, at the same time, one who can give you a moment's "thrill", then, by all means, have that dream!!!

I will say, however, that there is a real world out there and we need people, who know what side the bread is buttered on, to lead i--no matter what color you are, or, if you are the smartest or the most "dynamic" in any particular way.



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