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March 10, 2009


Kif Btown

Great article, Larry. (Harbour Island)

Gordon Core

As a student at St. Andrew's School I participated in a Spring 1964 outing of it's "Scientific Society" to Preacher's Cave. Perhaps not the earliest such exploration, but bone, pottery shards and other items were located and studied further. Carbon dating was performed on some of the more promising bone. Were we early 'heritage tourists' or merely wannabe archeologists?

Erasmus Folly

Great article Larry and only too true. More importantly, Abaco is only the tip of the iceberg. New Providence has so much history to offer that we should be nothing short of extremely ashamed of ourselves for not tapping into that. Briland and Eleuthera have a lot to offer as well.

We are selling Las Vegas in the sun right now and we live on a Jesus-Junkanoo culture, but we could be selling SUCH A CULTURALLY RICHER EXPERIENCE and, in selling it, protecting it for our future as well, ironically. Bahamians need to open up their minds and open up their horizons.

Grace Yototodo

Super article!

I would like to visit the Hole-in-the-wall Lighthouse next month during the Homer Lowe Regatta.


Amazing stuff. There is so much history in these Islands to enjoy... the Indians, the Discoverer, the
New Settlers, the Slaves, the Pirates. What an amazing country!
Pity so few of us are interested!

Larry Towning

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your recent "Tough Call" article in the Abaconian. I especially enjoyed the DNA research info and agree with your observations regarding the importance of promoting heritage tourism.

I am an American who has been travelling to South Abaco to bonefish for 10 years. I also own some land on Lubbers Quarters Cay and we plan to build a second home in a couple of years when we have the time and money.

When we are describing our trips to Abaco to our local friends in Ohio, we are often asked about non-fishing tourism attractions and events by those thinking of traveling to Abaco. I think there is a real and financially lucrative opportunity for Abaco in this regard.

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