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March 16, 2009



I will post my previous email to you:

I have to disagree with you, in part, about your observations of the PLP and especially the emphasis on not presenting alternative views. It is truly unfortunate that the "waving of paper" by Frank Smith is what makes the headlines and specifically, what makes your analysis. If you listened to the addresses of all of the presenters by the PLP, you would see that there was a message delivered on viable alternative strategies to govern this country. For example, Alfred Sears delivered what I think was one of the best presentations. He identified flaws in the current method of governing, especially in areas such as the Tax haven Abuse Act and international pressure on our country in this area, and then offered alternative options on how the PLP would address this looming crisis. This is exactly what was asked for before the debates, what you allude to as a necessity for the PLP, and what was delivered by many. Unfortunately a single action my Mr. Smith is what makes the newspapers, your analysis and is the focus of what the PLP response was.

Erasmus Folly

The PLP has only hot air to offer. They are corrupt, defunct and in desperate need of new blood and new energy. Their ridiculous posturing over the LOP story is indicative of their style. Airport example. In 5 years in office, the only 'improvement' the PLP made to the airport was to rename it after one of the most corrupt Bahamian officials of all time. They did nothing to ACTUALLY improve the airport. They didn't fix the runways, they didn't fix the bathrooms, they didn't fix the luggage area, they did JACKS%#$! But, they had a nice big tax payer sponsored ribbon cutting ceremony. That is the PLP in a nutshell. Hot air, ceremonies, grandiose rhetoric and nothing to show for it. Sadly, the FNM isn't too much better. They are better, but only marginally. In the end, neither party is doing their job properly. Neither party wants to reduce government spending and government debt. Neither party wants to REALLY lower taxes, so that Bahamian businesses can grow and job growth can occur. Neither party wants to talk about the absolute CRISIS in education that this country is going through. We are churning out illiterate and innumerate imbeciles in the droves. What on earth will they do for work?

Bahamians can hopefully see through this bulls%$^ and are no longer duped by party hacks, Jesus freaks and the usual BS hot air that flows out of Parliament. We need to get serious and we need a 'serious' opposition that is all about 'problem solving', first and foremost. The PLP is vapid, but you can't leave the FNM in power too long either or they will just become the 'new PLP'. You can't be FNM or PLP, you have to be BAHAMIAN first and demand more from both. The thinking has to evolve and grow or nothing will happen.

Bahamians need to demand more from their politicians and FORCE them to cut government spending and government waste, starting with the perks of our MPs. This will allow for lower taxation and this will directly improve doing business in the Bahamas. That is the path to more employment and a brighter future for all. Pie in the sky BS has to stop.


E.Folly I agree with you, somehow we the people, to borrow a phrase, must get out from under the burden to see the extent of the burden, in order to shift the burden.
Given however that we are moving along with the world into regression, recession, opression, and actions are being taken by big Govt. to secure themselves and their gravy trains, Quo Vadis Erasmus, Quo Vadis?

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