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April 08, 2009


Erasmus Folly

Thank you for this. Well said. Andrew Allen raises some valid points to ponder, but only briefly. He is disingenuous in trying to present the conservationists as 'foreign' entities though - this is absolutely false. The vast majority of Bahamians, when presented with the facts of the situation, acknowledge that banning the slaughter of turtles is the right thing to do. In pandering to the uninformed and xenophobic elements of society and trying to make it an 'us' vs 'them' scenario, he neither raises awareness nor addresses the issue, choosing instead to take the typical Bahamian 'cheap' political path - us vs them.

The points he makes are overwhelmingly trumped by the stark reality of the situation. Bahamians need to take the long view and the big picture view here, and that view points clearly to banning turtle consumption for the foreseeable future.

Patricia Josey

I really like being a subscriber to Bahamapundit as there are some thought provoking ideas which make you aware of "stuff" going on in our islands. I knew the Hawksbill turtle was endangered but did not realize that the habitats are decreasing so rapidly. You know if humanity were more mature and conscious, I do not think we would endanger a species (God's creation) for jewellery and ornaments which we wear once in a while.

On another thought, has one of your writers thought to write about reducing the bank interest rate during these hard times so that the middle class can get some relief! Things tuff in Freeport!!

Adrian La-Roda

Hi Larry
This is a well written piece, as always. However as part of the group that opposes the ban i wish to catogorically state that we DO NOT support the commercial harvesting of turtles nor do we support the dispatching of turtles in public. However we totally support the continued "subsistance" fishing of green turtles only. As this compromise should address the concerns of environmentalist and the needs of humanity.

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