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April 29, 2009



Excellent Larry.
Perfect point about the cost benefit analysis for the port. Government gets away with far too much with things like that.
Should the desires of other special interest groups like culture for example be subject to the same thing though?

larry smith

I think a cost-benefit analysis would come probably down in favour of more investment and incentives for the cultural sector. And yes, such an analysis should be required for any major initiatives.


If there is a predisposition to one interest group, why not a predisposition to the port?

larry smith

There already is a predisposition to the port (the money has been allocated) that has not been adequately documented in my view.


Touche :0)
The point is there should not be a predisposition to any thing.
Also, why bother if it's a foregone conclusion.
Just hand it out to all and sundry and bankrupt the country.

larry smith

I do not take the view that ALL spending is necessarily bad.


Neither do I.

Carol Misiewicz

I read and appreciated greatly your comments and observations about the cultural industry in the Bahamas. Well said!

My father, Mr. Harold Munnings Sr., was deputy chairman of a committee established to look into National Honours for the Bahamas. The late Winston Saunders was chairman. It too met with a lack of interest from successive cabinets, and the several proposals submitted have languished without response.

His, and the other committee members and contributors efforts so far appear to have all been in vain. Folders of papers, drawings, minutes, sample medals and ribbons and the like, are now boxed in his office collecting dust.

The short-sightedness of politicians (as the ones who control the purse strings) is doing a disservice to the growth of Bahamian nationhood.

As a final comment, I vote for the old Collins mansion to be converted into a library.


Carol, as far as I know, the mansion is on the way to becoming the National Museum of The Bahamas.

Library -- still to be addressed.

larry smith

The COB has a massive library project underway, virtual and bricks, heavily funded by Lycay and others.

A national museum is a priority, if only so that we have someplace to properly curate all the artifacts that have been collected over the years.

Erasmus Folly

My vote is for a museum there. It is a great location and the Tribune, being across the street, can write regular articles promoting it in its arts and entertainment section. We could also HOST exhibits one day. Come to the Bahamas... and...

see the visitng Picasso exhibit from New York. Etc, etc.

People pay a lot for stuff like that, especially Europeans, who we can't attract because they don't like all things American, like us.

Andrew Curry

Great article Larry. This all boils down to getting involved. In Hope Town we have a very involved sailing program for the kids . As they get older they learn to sail the native sloops , the Abaco Rage and Lonesome Dove . These boats take a lot of TLC but it is a special privilege to sail on these boats. It is so what being a Bahamian is all about. During the Abaco regatta the native sloops are the highlight of the race . Tourist beg to sail on one of these boats , yet most Bahamians have no interest .
As far a Government goes , we always get the government we deserve . Every body wants but know one wants to get involved .

Sean Rolle

It's sad that culture is still in such an underdeveloped state. It goes to show just how educationally unbalanced our political leaders are.

Just like social skills I think cultural awareness must start in the home and hopefully in the future, we will have a larger pressure group to agitate for more cultural development and funding.

The folks we call political leaders can't see beyond their bank accounts especially when compared to national development. And, sadly, large numbers of voters are the only thing they recognize.


Hi all, I feel special being in the company of four of my schoolmates on this blog!!
Andrew, we also have a sailing program in Freeport privately going for 3 years what the government has been funding others to do for 10 without result.
Nontheless, Our kids have also sailed the traditional Bahamian boats and loved it.
The other comment is this:
Our successive governments not only ignore any initiatives from citizens in ALL spheres of endevour, they actively thwart same, because about the only thing we kept of the colonial master, is the control mentality.
Is it any wonder we lose the best to the rest of the world?
Is it any wonder we see decay and dispair all around?
The dissent of today would have been unimaginable 20-30 years ago, this two is part of national growth.
Keep thinking, and acting.
I'll be in GTC andrew 1-3rd, weather permitting. Perhaps see you there.


Sorry, 3 classmates, four total, still can't count!!
Nico, ignore the "two" instead of TOO!

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