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April 15, 2009



Great article Larry

Erasmus Folly

As always, well researched and very informative - thank you.

One question: I know you said that there used to be a hospital at Prospect Ridge and now the gov might build another one there. My question is why? Why build a hospital at Prospect Ridge - already highly valued property and primarily a residential zone, when you could build one - along the highway or on other undeveloped crown land? The gov needs someone who understands land value, property value, property tax collection and urban planning in charge of their crown land division - it is a joke. BE SMARTER BAHAMAS!

larry smith

A good question. And that's why I made the point about "prime forested land".

Strong consideration should be given to redeveloping the existing site and/or redeveloping another brown field (or slum) site rather than destroying a greenfield site.

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