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May 27, 2009


drew Roberts

"If you have a sensible complaint, let's hear it. Otherwise, shut up and stop talking fool."

OK, here we go.

1. They have a monopoly. I just don't like those things.

2. The monopoly could have been "handled" better.

3. They make me buy and pay for TV which I don't want in order to get internet which I do want.

4. Their customer service at the home level leave a good bit ot be desired.

I could probably think up more if I tried. That was just a quick list off the top of my head.

That said, I am thankful we have them.

all the best,


Heather Thompson

Kudos for your courage in criticizing poorly researched articles written about the Haitian population by both Missick and Marquis. Well done.


More later but Doesn't Cable Bahamas bootleg programming?
Oh, that's right, there isn't any agreement with U.S. signal suppliers to pay for some of the signals they use. Kinda like the Imcome tax evasion law doesn't apply cause we don't recognise income tax.
Hmm. But that makes some of the U.S. channels they provide for us pure profit centers.
Wish I could sell stuff I haven't paid for, it sure would improve my bottom line.
Unethical at best, but you know, we buy in so I can't fault them.

drew Roberts

I doubt they can pay the US providers. The US guys probably can't legally sell it to us either.

This is just a guess, but it is probably illegal for Bahamian music stores to buy CDs in the US and bring them here to sell. It is also probably illegal for Bahamian bookstores to buy books, say like the King James Bible, in the US and bring them here to sell.

Can someone who actually knows, confirm or deny my guess and explain either way.

all the best,



You are right to a degree.
Basically, HBO ect buy domestic movie rights from the Screen writers guild, the clearing house for movies etc.
HBO doesn't bother with buying Int'l rights, because it is too much bother for them especially for such a small market in our case. there are other reasons also i'm sure.
On the other hand, Showtime does buy Int'l rights for the movies it buys.
Just like DVD regions and rights, the world is carved up by the screen writers guild. We fall into the caribbean which would get us Spanish speaking stuff for the most part, and we don't want that, and if an exception was made for us, well, they won't.
Not to mention our copyrights record of enforcement.
Supposedly Cable Bahamas has been escrowing the royalties that they should be paying into an account which, they have said they will pay as soon as they can.
Hold your breath.
If anyone can add or correct, feel free......

Sean Rolle

Great articles Mr.Smith. As much as folks hated Urban Renewal it was still a socially good program. Investing in the social development of inner city kids and their environment is the way to stave off the growth of future negative crime statistics.

As for illegal immigration, it also has a symtom that no one likes to talk about-CORRUPTION!! For years wicked public officials, greedy business people, parsimonious homeowners and drug dealers have made huge profits because of illegal Haitian immigrantion.

When inner city citizens were complaining about the large numbers of illegals residing in their neighborhoods the political and middles classes laughed and never responded(except for Loftus Roker).

Now those same illegals procreated and a lot of their kids have formed their owned class-a criminal class.

Sadly, Mr.Hywell Jones was executed the other day and no one has been arrested even though the police have a good idea who did it. No beefed up patrols in business and tourist districts even after a schoolboy was killed downtown a few years ago!!

There is now no criminal difference between Nassau and Cape Haiti.

Its only a matter of time before these criminals start venturing into suburbia. I know I live among them.

All of the highly educated arguments are not going to change anything until the rule of law is enforced and the punishment is severe. Also the present laws need to be much more severe than they presently are.

One law should be that any naturalized individual found or conspiring to harbour, smuggle or employ another illegal should lose their naturalization.

larry smith

I am working on an article about the content/copyright issue now. Stay tuned.

Erasmus Folly

To the detractors of Cable Bahamas. Your criticisms have validity, but just keep some perspective. What did we have before Cable Bahamas came? Nuff said!

The government should aim to unload BTC and then let BTC run (without favour) head to head with Cable Bahamas. Both could be our 'media' companies. Cable Bahamas should be allowed to enter the cellular market and BTC should be allowed to pursue the DirecTV market full force. It could then be Cable Bahamas with Cable Internet, Cable TV, fixed phones and mobile phones vs BTC with Satellite Internet, Satellite TV, fixed lines and mobile phones. These two companies could vie in the Bahamas and then seek markets outside of the Bahamas as well. The trick is, the government cannot 'protect' BTC over Cable Bahamas. It has to be fair.

On the other matters: Love your ranting Larry. Keep at it. You rant as effectively as Bill Maher it seems.


Good rant Larry, might you be getting as incensed as we all should be?
On the courts:
...If this spreads to the out islands we will be unable to control it."
Believe me, we have tripe for a court system in Grand Bahama also, have for years, courts which are supposed to serve the Northern Bahamas. What the penultimate joke.
I hope my future, my life or my family are never subject to the sort of "justice" that emanates from these hovels, and I feel for those who find themselves before them through no personal fault.
They are nothing short of organized crime in my opinion.
I act in accordance with the written laws of the commonwealth of the Bahamas precisely to avoid having anything to do with them.
The solution?
Re-allocate the Ministry of Tourisms budget of $96 Million for a few years to:
1) Build a great big Prison.
( capacity, 10 thousand to start) perhaps a second in Grand Bahama to support the courts of the Northern Bahamas. (We have this unused hotel actually….)
2) Seriously equip the court system with premises, staff of caliber and qualifications, equipment and
3) Get some real judges and pay them properly, not just judges who come here for our judicial pension plan.
If the court systems are not fixed, the Ministry of tourisms budget money will become a total waste, instead of the 70-80% waste it currently is.
Haitian problem?
Short lived as we are becoming a country more like theirs every day because of our own lawlessness, and our own phobias of them don't help. We don’t have a Haitian problem, we have a Bahamian problem!
Our Police Commissioners, those brave enough to address reality publicly that is, have spoken realistically at times because they have been exposed to Int'l police conferences in which they and we were warned repeatedly that, the crime levels experienced by Jamaica or Trinidad in the 70’s &80’s for instance would spread to us here, and nothing was done.
Commissioners sat on their hands because Prime Ministers sat on their heads.

The poster child for how not to plan a suberb.
Bay St. is the poster child for how not to plan or run a city.
Parliament: the poster child for how not to run a country.
The Judiciary: another poster child.
Anyone see a trend here?

Cable Bahamas:
Phil Keeping, the Canadian entrepreneur....

I have no grudge against him, Cable Bahamas, or any other foreign individual or company who have come to our country, seen the tremendous opportunities that exist, get concessions and preferential treatment from our peanut brained politicians, succeed and profit. This is what they come here to do, if there is a benefit to Bahamians or to the Bahamas it is incidental, no matter what any Prime Minister says.
Will this ever become possible for the average Bahamian who gets shot at and missed, shat on and hit by his own countrymen?
Until we stop crapping on Haitians (and each other for that matter) and stop sucking up to other foreigners indiscriminately, we will never solve any problems.
I swear, I believe I will have to leave, return in ten years as Lowenstein, investor from (insert foreign land here), to get casinos, golf courses crown land and direct Ministerial access and investment capital in order to fulfill a potential in my own country.
And we wonder where all the frustration and violence comes from.
It is homegrown.
A Bahamian walks into any approvals process or office and the Control Freak Virus has an outbreak.
Don't take it from a foreigner to give it to a Bahamian, let the Bahamian in the same door that they use.
"Was exchange control approval given for this siphoning of funds? Was the foreign exchange premium paid? Is anybody there?"

Nuff said.
Apparently the law doesn’t apply to all. Perhaps individual shareholding should be looked into to rule out possible Cabinet collusion by way of personal shareholding.
Mind you, same could be said for Cable Bahamas.
Just asking.

Other than all that, things are fine, thanks Larry.

larry smith

For anyone to invest big bucks in a major infrastructure project there needs to be a monopoly for a specified time - especially in a market with less than 100,000 households/customers.

That period of exclusivity ends in October.

And there is now and always has been an alternative to Cable - satellite TV.

Interestingly, it is also technically illegal for dish owners to receive satellite programming content outside the United States.

More on this subject later.

larry smith

Your comments about empowerment of Bahamians are widely shared, Chris.


Yes Larry you are right, Satellite Dish users are subject to the same rules, also being broken by degree:
Some pay and shouldn't be able to, some don't pay at all.
Again, it points to no vision for the country, least wise where any Bahamian is concerned.
Again, I hate the connotation that the words "foreigner" or "expat" have been given by Our overlords, phobic connotations at best.

El Generico

RE: lowe
The signal providers, on their end, are not allowed to "sell" anything but Spanish language signals to this "region". Who here speaks Spanish?
Cable has had long, serious, but not "official" meetings about this. They have the money to pay but the providers are not allowed to sell english. If they paid for Spanish we'd have noticeably higher cable bills and nothing but spanish to watch on tv.

drew Roberts

re: El Generico

And perhaps we should make an effort along the lines to put ourselves in the North American market / region unilaterally and make it plain that we will not recognize any copyrights where we are placed elsewhere.

Anyone have any ideas on how something like this might be accomplished?

Erasmus Folly

That is a good suggestion. Trading copyright acknowledgment for 'practical' recognition that lumping us with the Caribbean isn't working...

While we are at it, can we integrate with the North American and/or European mail system better or offer the whole damn system to UPS or FEDEX at a price? A functioning mail system would be nice.

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