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August 18, 2009


Greg Farrington

We have some visitors who come to The Bahamas and fall in love with the ambiance of the islands. They buy a piece of property and for some, not all, want to bring New York or wherever they are from with them. If they liked the place and the people enough to invest here, why they want to change it?

Bob Knaus

I have made the case more than once, on more than one forum, that The Bahamas needs an effective and independent layer of local government to counterbalance the current Nassau monopoly on developement decisions. This seems to me a prime example of the need.

I am not a Bahamian. I think Bahamians should make these decisions... including the constitutional changes that would be required for truly effective local government. I would like to help. My talent lies mainly in writing persuasive reports that allow government officials to say "Look! Here is what the experts recommmend."

Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Jean Hovey

Please correct the number of Haitians who are now living at the old Elbow Cay Club. Living across from the club in Fry's Mangrove I can verify that as of July 31, 2009 when I went through the club there were no more than 40 people living there. There has never been more than 150 people living there in the past 5 years. Keep in mind that some of the people are not haitians but locals.


I got estimates from several residents, and they ranged as high as 600 for the number of Haitians living on the island, with most based at the club.

Some people said the club could accommodate only about 40, but others said that was a gross under-estimate in that many came at dusk and left at dawn.

Several people said they were aware of Haitians squatting on various bits of land throughout the island.

No-one mentioned black Bahamians living at the club.

Anne Odden

Thank you Larry for a great article. The Elbow Cay Club holds many great memories for my family. We often signed up for Friday night open faced sandwiches accompanied with schnapps and beer (always with stories told by all). That was during the sixties. Later we would dance to the Maltarp boys' band in the ballroom. Let's pray the Mason concept will be revised to better suit Hope Town's ambiance. We have something too special there to ruin with too much commercialism and density.


This was a very informative article and is truthful as I know it,except for thr number of ECC residents.As aforementioned the number of Haiians at ECC is significantly less than 600.Never the less there are many and what is to become of them? BTW/ There are Bahamians living at ECC as well ans over the years a good many now sucessful Hopetown residents started out there.

larry smith

The article reports that as many as 600 Haitians may live on the ISLAND.

It also says that most of these are based at the CLUB.

This is the top end of a range of estimates. What are your estimates for these two figures?

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