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September 15, 2009


Erasmus Folly

Well written. Your concern for the well being of the Christian Council as an institution is touching. Why can't we just get rid of it? These jokers have joked long enough at the public expense.

1. Whatever institutional or vestigial institutional power they have, cut it off.
2. Plays and films should be rated by an independent commission that may comprise some religious people, but that is not religious in nature and is not dominated by the Christian Council or other religious groups.
3. Christianity in this nation needs to be firmly told that the separation of church and state in this country is SACROSANCT! The Christian church has responsibility to its laity, but it doesn't have responsibility nor does it speak for Bahamian citizens.
4. Encourage 'civics' and 'ethics' in school - not religious teaching. You would end up with far more moral people if the emphasis is on community and doing good, rather than vague notions of salvation in some promised afterlife if you merely 'repent' for all your bad deeds Monday to Saturday.
5. Teach environmentalism and science in school. We need to get our young people motivated and we need to tap into their energy when they still have that youthful natural 'I care' feeling; before the apathy sets in.

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