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September 28, 2009



If you'd done some research yourself about this particular magazine you'd know that they print rubbush. They have complaints from the Aussie celebrities they run 'exclusive'(invented) stories on often and even get sued from time to time. They are trash and no one in Oz ever believes a word they print. Instead you choose to start attacking Australia with off the cuff comments that infer Australians in general are racist, and against their own people. You make throw-away comments about a sensitive issue you're clearly done no research of your own into. You're answer to your own country being attacked by one reporter from an unreputable magazine is to attack a whole country in response yourself. Woman's Day write rubbish, their circulation numbers have been steadily decreasing here in Australia for the last few years - another fact you could have used to refute this story. Their stories barely warrant a response,a nd if you choose to don't lump the rest of Oz in with this stupid magazine.

Bahamas Community

Maybe Mr Hewitt publicly retracted his wife's statements because he doesn't want to end up like Hywell Jones, who was shot dead for thinking about speaking out against crime and corruption the Bahamas. And maybe you will be man enough to leave comments from people who do not agree with your opinion, instead of deleting them.


I found this article satisfying as it conveyed all that I have wanted to say in response to the Women's Day magazine article. I was outraged when I read the exaggerated article about my country.
Particularly the picture of the 'foodstore' boy...probably putting a tip from Bec in his pocket but with no picture caption and with it being positioned near a paragraph describing the 'gun wielding youths on every street corner', suggested that perhaps he was about to pull a gun on Bec!

In response to the two comments posted, I understand where they are coming from but just as they have taken offense to the truths listed in the article by simon - and responded accordingly - so two did we as Bahamians.

I have spent the last year travelling around Australia and have loved it but after having read this article (while travelling around Australia) the rest of my trip was tainted as I began looking at the homeless, the barred windows, the barbed wire - that do in fact exist in many towns around Australia and feeling frustrated that my country was painted as a horrible place for the existence of such things while they two are a fact of life in many places within Australia.

It is fair to say that Women's Day is a trashy magazine but that does not mean that the 'trash' reported in it should not be refuted. I think the authors of the above comments have responded in the same manner as did Simon and as such have done exactly what they suggested Simon should not have done. I'm not saying they shouldn't have, because obviously they feel the need to defend their country...as did Simon.
A well written article, thank you Simon!

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