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October 13, 2009


Rick Lowe

Very timely Larry.
This is a very sad and unfortunate situation that seems to be growing exponentially each passing day.
I am loathe to buy anything from Potters Cay anymore as a result of the vagrants that sleep or sit on the vendor stalls etc.
We have a couple "charity" cases as you know, but they do not seem to be as bad as those seen around Potters Cay.

anne lever

An interesting article, Larry. The topic is certainly an issue which needs to be addressed urgently. In my humble opinion, it seems that our government (particularly Social Services personnel) spend for too much time in "meetings", where issues such as HIV/AIDS, housing for the homeless, teenage pregnancy, etc, etc are discussed at length. I am sure that excellent programmes and viable solutions are proposed by the attendees of these meetings. Sadly, however, the plans and recommendations that arise, remain within the rooms in which they are formulated. Promises are made but not fulfilled. Good intentions are verbalised but not executed.
Meanwhile, as we realise the effects of the economic downturn, unemployment will increase and in turn so will the numbers of homeless people, HIV/AIDS victims, drug users and, of course, crime..........it is time to stop talking and start acting. I am eager to assist in devising AND executing meaningful programmes with long-term goals....... but I am not prepared to attend fruitless meetings filled with empty promises.
Larry, please continue to bring these issues to the attention of the general public.

Donny Maura

I thank you for todays article, Tough Call. Just last week a few of us were thinking if there were shower and sleeping facilities on Potters Cay the Police Station there could give some security in opening the facilities in the early evenings and getting people out in the mornings.

The building and people are there, all you need is for the government, social, civic and religious agencies, to network together.

Give this project with empowerment to the Salvation Army, and instead of drugs and crime, Potters Cay could be named Paradise Island and we could change Paradise Island back to Hog Island!

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