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November 24, 2009


Grace Yodototo

Great article... and if an email comes from a former employee who definitely has extra time on her hands, just delete it and don't bother writing back. Hmphf.

Rick Lowe

Very well done as usual, and I agree we should check the source and the content on those medical remedies etc.
With regard to those conspiracy theories just hit the delete key.
Bashing politicians is usually quite fun. They pass laws every day to make us accountable, yet they allow each other to get off on all sorts of transgressions.
Of course no e-mails ever vilified Mr. George W. Bush.
But why should Mr. Obama get a pass?

Stan Thorpe

Bad call, Larry.

There's plenty of evidence for these items you aren't able to accept.

"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity."---Marshall McLuhan

larry smith

You are so right. After all, a good conspiracy is unprovable. "I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line." -- Jerry Fletcher

Nick Higgs

Living in the UK I am always shocked at how undiscerning Americans (which might as well include Bahamians as well- a fact reinforced every time I come back home) are when it comes to information sources. The UK the media are always under scrutiny and there is a constant healthy suspicion of any news information from the public here. Over that side of the pond it seems that people can't do with having FACTS presented; they need to be constantly told what to think about these facts and that's what passes for news! Just a pinch of critical thinking folks... and that is what you Larry are so good at. I try my hardest to get my Bahamian friends reading this blog.


""Of course no e-mails ever vilified Mr. George W. Bush.""
Almost every bad thing I've ever heard or read about GWB has turned out to be true.

I won't waste my time debating the 9/11 event but I have seen enough to realize that far too many large corporations (with millions of middle class employees) are making FAR TOO MUCH MONEY from these wars for them to ever just let their government decide to stop fighting.

(not the best example but all I could find atm)


That particular video gets really interesting around the 45-55 minute mark

Rick Lowe

Hey 2-fer
I'm not sure what "Almost every bad thing you heard about Bush" might be, and I don't doubt much about politico's. Do you think Mr. Obama is an angel?
Neither the left wing conspiracy, nor the right wing conspiracy have a lock on assholes, as the present Global Warming controversy is revealing yet again.
I personally opposed the war even though MI5 information presented to Rotarians here by the British High Commissioner after the 9/11 attacks was quite unnerving and one could see why the free world would think they should control Iraq.
Mr. Obama was going to withdraw the troops. Now he is going to send more!
Where's the outrage about it?
I'm deafened by the silence of the left wing progressives.


re: Rick Lowe

Don't make assumptions about me.

All recent, present and probably future Presidents of the United States ain't worth shit.


Erasmus Folly


Your hatred of Obama is just ill placed if you stomached GW Bush, the worst President in US history. Arguing 'the case' is futile, there is so much material on his 'screw ups' and the evidence really speaks for itself. An overextended, debt ridden and precarious 'super power' is what Obama inherited from the W. If that ain't evidence enough of his mis-management, then you just need to take your head out of the sand and look around a little more. The detritus waste of his regime lies all over the United States today in the form of hopeless and jobless Americans.


And don't get your hopes up too high for Obama OR whoever replaces him in 4/8 years. I'm thoroughly convinced now that the position of President of the United States is purely for public relations.

The world will focus on one man's decision to bow while the dozens of people below and above (who practically appointed each other to their posts) get away with murder and robbery.

He will leave his position eventually and in the end the world will debate how much they love or hate him. Everything good and bad is his fault. The majority of the people around him, the ones responsible for everything, continue to go unnoticed. They retire or transfer themselves to another unnoticed position or take a 4-8 year vacation.

Rick Lowe

Couldn't agree more about much of the disastrous job Mr.Bush.
But where's your outrage over Mr. Obama? He's making a bad thing even worse.
Besides he made the promises about troop withdrawal etc, not Mr. Bush.
Can you comment on the present Global Warming e-mail conspiracy while your beating me up?


Bit of a contradiction to say the right has all the crazies and then cite the 9/11 nutjobs don't ya think?
At present most the of the emails and conspiracies are about the left because they are the ones in power.

larry smith

No contradiction. Many of those 9/11 nutjobs are on the extreme right wing.

And my memory goes beyond november 2008.

I have friends and relatives throughout North America, the Bahamas and the UK and I can't account for this (the rightwing emails - not the fact that I have friends).

Erasmus Folly

Your house and your home aren't too many feet above sea level. You want to roll the dice, be my guest. The climate is complex. We are changing it though. If you doubt that, go to Switzerland and look at the glaciers. It is about way more than climate change at this point though... it is about ENERGY SECURITY. That is what the Republicans don't get. You can't be 'nationalistic', 'obnoxious' and 'imperial' when you need the stuff coming from other people. You only get to do that when you DON'T need those other people. If not for altruism or environmentalism, do it for plain old fashioned freedom and greed. If that floats your boat. ;-)

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