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December 30, 2009


Erasmus Folly

Doctorate for the President? Brand concerns at the college?

This is the problem with the Bahamas. All the attention goes to the trite and trivial and nothing goes to the fundamentals. Professors need doctorates. Administrators need to be good administrators/managers - not academics. In fact, there is every reason not to want an 'academic' as President. If the college is trying to grow and expand in Bahamian society, then what it needs is a highly experienced President, who has worked in such a capacity before. Where that person comes from is irrelevant to me. The goal of growing the college comes first and that means bringing the best and brightest for the job - no matter where they come from. A Bahamian is the obvious ideal choice, but if one can't be found who has the knowledge, experience and credentials (administrator - not doctorate necessarily), it shouldn't be an issue.

Simon, you are stuck on form over substance. The important thing isn't that the President is a Bahamian or possesses a Doctorate; it is that the person can motivate, build, invigorate and improve the college on a day to day basis. The important thing is that our Bahamian students are learning stuff that can build the future of this nation. If that means bringing in the Chinese, then so be it. I don't care who it is, so long as the education quality improves!

Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Sbarro are all Bahamian owned businesses. I have nothing against your allegedly more 'authentic' companies - in fact I embrace and support them fully, but businesses have the freedom and right to expand where they will and that shouldn't be something that either government, journalists or other 'armchair' policy makers are worried about or involved with. No one is stopping Bamboo shack from seeking a location at or near the college. Likewise, no one is stopping the owner of the Passion Tea Company from seeking a location there or near there. Government and/or the college shouldn't interfere with the 'marketplace' around the college for 'ideological' reasons. Bahamians owning 'franchises' gives them and their staff experience in running a business - end of story. With that experience, many future possibilities will emerge for other shops, restaurants and businesses because the first lesson is how to operate. Once you have the 'operation' down, you can apply that knowledge to any other kind of venture that is similar with a slightly different product.

Pindling would be proud of your 'slant' on this, but I think the folly of his own 'Bahamianization' campaign stands clear for all the world to see. It nearly ruined this nation. I don't think we need to repeat that mistake.

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