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January 13, 2010


Rick Lowe

It's great to see the private sector leading the way in these things.
Thanks Larry.


A very useful summary. I think the key here is to convince developers that in the long run their projects will be more economically successful if they protect and enhance the environment (which is what attracts people in the first place), and that they need scientific advice and expertise to do so.

B.Clement Simms

It is good to see developers in the Bahamas taking the environment into account.

Bob Knaus

I have consistently said, and continue to say, that the brouhaha at Baker's Bay was not about the environment, but about local control of development. It's not an environmental dispute, it's a political dispute.

This view pleases hardly anyone. The locals (for good reasons) have adopted environmentalism as their rallying cry. The government (for good reasons) is leery of handing control to the locals, no matter how just their cause.

I predict that the Wilson City project will cause very little environmental harm, and I predict the same for Baker's Bay. This is not because I favor the projects. It is because... environmentalism is a weak reed to lean upon.

If the locals pick the stronger cause of responsible and empowered local government, I predict they will have more success in controlling their own future.

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