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January 06, 2010


Ken Bobrosky

I enjoyed this - a refreshing break from the traditional never-ending review of the previous year.

It is funny, however, that in looking at the future it does, in so many ways, seem to be a carbon copy of the past. I guess that is normal, but our lives do seem to revolve in an unending cycle.

I was unaware of the Naked Bike Ride coming up and am most appreciative for your drawing my attention to this novel (or is it navel) event. My warped mind believes that nudity will be the answer to many of mankind's problems in the future.

I believe that if all of our airline flights required total nudity, the security problems and potential terrorist problem would be practically solved!

Bahamas B2B

I agree with the comment above. On BahamasB2B, we always do a 'year in review' kind of thing, with the news. This is an interesting variation and useful info as well.

jackson burnside

You missed out Transforming Spaces 2010, Saturday ans Sunday, March 13th and 14th. As you know this is the Art Bus Tour of many Nassau Galleries. The tour is gaining international attention and is growing each year.

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