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March 16, 2010


Lurkey McLurker

The corporate controlled, non-free international press is heralding natural gas... wow!

Lurkey McLurker

"North American natural gas resources have risen to a level that could supply current consumption for well over 100 years, "

Considering that consumption will grow over time, "current" consumption is meaningless. The level of consumption in 20-30 years will completely deplete that entire "100 years" worth of resources.

Lurkey McLurker

"Gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels".


"Horse shit is cleaner than bull shit".

Also true.

larry smith

And your point is?

Lurkey McLurker

"...now analysts are saying that the newly accessible reserves of shale gas will allow the US to effectively close its doors to LNG imports."


Lurkey McLurker

"...oil companies are increasingly reluctant to supply the Family Islands with diesel due to high shipping costs, environmental risks, small volumes and burdensome scheduling requirements."

Based on population data from 10 years ago I realized that there are a couple "villages" in Europe (mostly in/near Germany) with populations greater than ANY of our family-island settlements that have converted a significant majority of their residential homes to run entirely on wind and solar power. There's no good reason why we can't convert most of our settlements in a similar fashion, leaving only NP & GB to be a financial drain on BEC & GBP!

Lurkey McLurker

"...all existing large-scale energy technologies (from nuclear to coal, oil and gas) present substantial safety hazards."

1. LNG makes a much bigger boom.

2. I was told the LNG people wanted to build underwater pipe-lines from our waters to florida and possible also to Nassau and GB. I don't trust that. Maybe I was misinformed. Maybe not.

Lurkey McLurker

"A gas-based solution, on its own, does not provide a long-term path to a low-carbon future, but it can be part of a portfolio of options - including renewables - that will eventually get us there."

You know how these Red & Yellow idiots go. You know how the people they appoint go. You know how the top people at the various ministries & corportations (who've been running the show forever) go. You know how the general Bahamaian mind is operate!

Instead of realizing that this natural gas good news is just a LUCKY occurance that is giving us ONE LAST BREATH before we have no choice but to dive deep into seriously looking at renewables they will consider this as "problem solved", "disaster averted", "bullet dodged", "EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL", "go home, nothing to see here", "turn off your brains and clog up your ears".

"Renewable energy is no longer needed. It's irrelevant."

It's like, the global earthquake just hit. Everybody knows there might be a tsunami of spikes in the cost of energy. The Bahamain pitch up out his bed and say "Bey! Whas goin on!?!"
CNN Says "oh, that was just a lil quake. No tsunami warning."
The Bahamian politician says "Ok then. I gone back to bed."

This ain't the time for going back to sleep!


Why are we still talking about fossil fuels and natural gas...we should be exploring renewables....Solar panels, wind turbines and wave generators. We hsould also be encouraging residents to look at small turbines and solar panels to reduce household energy costs. Similar to how people in Nassau dig their own wells and install tanks and pumps...we need to do the same with energy and if households produce more energy than they need then being connected to the national grid BEC should buy that energy....This is happenning in alot of European countries and gathering momentum each month.

Lil Tangerine

Re: what Charles said

For quite a while now I've been looking for a simple small solar panel powered device that provides just enough energy to run _only_ my laptop, cable modem, wireless router, and monitor. Sure it may not seem like a lot but it's a start.

Unfortunately I still haven't found such a device that's compact, and user-friendly but I've seen videos on youtube of do-it-yourself-ers building solar panels almost from scratch just to power their ridiculously power hungry home entertainment systems or only their fridge & electric stove, or only their super bright lights around the perimeter of their property or only the signage on their storefront etc...

Hopefully as more simple, user friendly single-purpose solar/wind devices come on the market we'll be able to use them.

amy core

The energy article made no mention of solar power with which the Bahamas are generously endowed. What if new construction was required to install solar panels and subsidies be offered to existing buildings? What if cisterns were used to collect rain water from roof tops as is done in Bermuda?


Solar power is incompatible with the Bahamian lifestyle, insofar as we save nothing nor do we invest in ourselves.
It is up front very expensive, and unless one is a lottery winner, conservative use would be the norm.
We are not conservative in any fashion.
If you look at fossil fuels as a storage method, as in stored energy,
nothing compares.
We are used to mindless consumption, in electric and everything.
Governments cannot plan beyond the next election.
How will they plan for this type of migration?
Cutting duty rates won't cut it.

Frank from Maine

As an occasional visitor I am dismayed that there is not very much usage of renewables. With ample solar and decent wind resources, the government should have a strategic vision by which increasing demand is met by (i) conservation and (ii) renewables. Natural gas is a wonderful alternative to oil but that is short/medium-term only.

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