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March 09, 2010


Lil Tangerine

"Currently, new vehicles attract a duty rate of 55 to 85 per cent. Hybrids attract a rate of 25 per cent,"


"Ministry of Finance officials said pure electric vehicles would attract the same duty as gasoline-powered cars"

See, this why weed needs to be legalized. Whatever MoF smoking is giving them mental retardation.

larry smith

I couldn't agree with you more.

James Edwards

I quite agree with a lot of what you had to say. I have been doing my own private research here in the Bahamas for clean electrical energy and I believe we are in big trouble.

BEC seems set on keeping the present system, and we are not going to have lower electricity rates if we only allow outside companies from another country to generate and then sell energy to BEC for resale back to the public.

This seems to be the road that they are on and I find that very disturbing. Those companies will have to be paid and the only way to pay them is to from our energy bills.

Why can't we look at the process of allowing an entire small island to be off fossil fuel?

As it relates to handling lead acid batteries, I believe that we can deal with them. I see them as a new industry and job creator for the Bahamas. It is being done in America and we can do it here. We can deal with lead acid batteries this way:

Use sodium bicaronate to neutralise the acid and recycle the entire battery.

You are also right about cars. We will see fully autonomous electrical and air powered cars with their own power plant built in for recharging.

We need to diversify our energy portfolio change some laws and allow the public to become autonomous of the grid. This will only enhance the grid and not harm it.

Lurkey McLurker

"...we are not going to have lower electricity rates if we only allow outside companies from another country to generate and then sell energy to BEC for resale back to the public.

This seems to be the road that they are on and I find that very disturbing..."

I haven't heard about this! Where can I get more information?

larry smith

check this out...


 Walter Grattan

I read your EV article with interest and was wondering when you would get to the subject of tax, which you never did.

Most governments depend hugely on fuel taxes, especially Europe. I realize this was not the subject of your article, but I do not see how it can be divorced. It would be extremely difficult to devise a system for household use and another for vehicular.

Diesel vehicles can quite well use cooking oil, but in England you do so at your peril as Customs and Excise would chase you down the road to extract their duty.

Another point of interest I have spoken to a number of people about, but can get no difinitive answer - electricity generation. We talk about green energy, you may have seen my letter to The Tribune some weeks ago, when I discussed all the new-fangled ideas and their problems = wind, which kills many birds, nuclear, enormous expense and possible horrendous consequences, mirrors, covering vast areas to concentrate the sun etc.

What I am suggesting has in some form been tried before, follow the internet going back a couple of centuries or more. Build a water tank, fit magnifying glasses, adjusted to the sun, in the top, and boil water in no time to turn the turbines, exactly what they do in nuclear but for a fraction of the cost. You may need a standby for extended periods of low sun, but with the improvement of battery storage this may also be eliminated. It could either be closed circuit or you have all the distilled water you want. What do you think?

larry smith

It's true that the government presently gets a lot of revenue from the auto industry - import duties on fuel and vehicles. And that makes change very difficult for them. But everyone agrees that we will eventually be moving to a VAT tax.

Also, I don't expect more than a few EVs here at first anyway - and there is a post-2012 horizon.

There is something similar to what you describe in Spain - a solar collecting tower where mirrors reflect heat on boilers.

I think distributed power or co-generation is the answer here. This is interesting too...


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