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June 28, 2010



Response to Simon by JBain CPA AGAIN!!!:

JBain CPA:
However, first things first, I agree with the majority of what you said but the most important thing off all is where you and I are on opposite ends.

Simon said:
Those Bahamians, including people of faith, who support the regulation and taxation of the “numbers business” have a compelling case in terms of ethics and economics, practicality and public policy.

JBain CPA:
Numbers are already regulated and taxed, i'll expand further shortly.

Simon said:
Proponents of ending the prohibition on lotteries may find that they have a largely receptive audience among a majority of Bahamians, including a majority of Christians.

JBain CPA:
Lotteries are "legal" in the Bahamas, please review the Lottery and Gaming Act Chapter 387. Lotteries occur all over the Bahamas and the Minister directly responsible for the approval of lotteries does so on a consistent basis, I can personally attest to that. The only prohibition that exists in the Bahamas regarding lotteries is Bahamians gaming in a casino in the Bahamas.

Simon said:
It seems that most people support limiting casino gambling to non-residents while allowing Bahamian residents to participate in Bahamian-based lotteries. Indeed, most Bahamians seem to appreciate the practical, ethical and economic distinctions between these forms of gambling.

JBain CPA:
Where and when did this study/survey occur? Did this study/survey occur in New Providence only or the entire Bahamas?
How could one come to the conclusion that most Bahamians support limiting casino gambling to non-residents despite the fact that no referendum (which is the best and only way to hear what every Bahamian has to say) has never occurred to back your statement? The numerous on line polls I have reviewed in which some Bahamians voted on with regard to gambling, I have yet to see an on line poll where your above statement can be regarded as fact and I will be more than happy to post the links to those polls if need be, and despite that fact, a referendum is still in my view the best way to know how much people agree/disagree with your statement.

Simon said:
Many more realize the potential for such addiction and irresponsibility in casino gambling. In terms of the economics, if Bahamian residents were allowed to gamble in casinos tomorrow, the vast majority of the proceeds from this activity would leave the country.

JBain CPA:

100% False statement!

During a communication I recently had with another Bahamian on another website, when it comes to a casino resort that is regarded as the most profitable off all in the Bahamas, that casino resort generates only 19% of their overall revenue from their casino. Bahamians on the other hand presently contribute to the other 81% of the revenue which is generated from and not limited too their restaurants/bars, rooms/suites and activities/events, in which the vast majority of those proceeds also leave the country. What about the 81% of that revenue that Bahamians already contribute to in that particular casino resort that has nothing to do with the casino? Since you are using economics as justification to support Bahamians not being allowed to gamble in a casino based on the proceeds leaving the country, should Bahamians also be prevented from spending any money in the same casino resort in the other revenue centers (except the casino) in which the proceeds also leave the country?

JBain CPA:
In closing, I would like to say that every human being should be judged based on the content of their character rather than their country of origin.

To say that just because a person is a Bahamian (no matter how civilized they are), they should be disqualified from legally participating in an activity that a non-Bahamian can participate is wrong and sad and I encourage you to review your comments from another perspective as you are sending a message of discrimination against yourself Simon.

C.Lowe said:

Let's cut to the chase Simon, I believe this prohibition on Bahamians gambling could easily be considered discriminatory, if our constitution is to be taken at face value and if a competent court could be found to hear the case.
Of course, this would amount to taking power out of political hands, and placing the authority of legal interpretation and final word where it belongs:
The Judiciary.

The fact that others can do in our country something we cannot only serves to make it more reprehensible.
For the record, I have never played the numbers, could not tell anyone how, but respect the right of any adult to make decisions for themselves and live with the consequences.

JBain CPA:

My sentiments exactly, you could not have said it any better C.Lowe.

Tangelo said:

IF they were really serious from a religious point of view there wold be:
no gay cruise ships
no gay night clubs
no casinos
no church raffles
no liquor stores open on sunday
number of liquor licenses decreased by 60%

JBain CPA:

But yet, even God gave man freedom of choice and the Bahamas is not a Theocracy.

Tangelo said:

I say take a temporary approach in the opposite direction.
Hassle every number house. Post police officers with cameras outside ever web shop. Threaten to shut them down. Start work on a law to clearly define them as illegal. Include ALL forms of gambling that don't happen in a licensed casino including RAFFLES. Then see what happens. The PEOPLE will never let such a law pass. The hell with what Pastor said. The people will demand the exact opposite.

JBain CPA:

Here is the reality Tangelo straight up.

Ask yourself Tangelo why no human being in the Bahamas has ever been sentenced to Fox Hill Prison for going onto an internet gaming website in a internet cafe?

You can legally go into any legal business in the Bahamas and create an account for credits/debits and this obviously includes internet cafes.

Internet cafes obtain their business licenses from the government of the Bahamas to allow their customers to log onto the internet.

The internet is a world wide web largely made possible by satellites in space.

With that said, how is the Royal Bahamas Police Force going to arrest every cell/I phone, laptop, PC or every other device used to connect to the internet when a person were to log on to nassaugames.com or any other gaming website or any website as no law exist to prevent anyone from accessing any gaming website while in Bahamian territory (Land or Sea)? How Tangelo?

To all persons who try to de-humanize Bahamians for what ever purpose, in this case, to portray Bahamians as being so uncivilized to play in a casino, always remember that your message is going to directly affect those very same persons you feel should only have the right to gamble in a casino.

Why I say that you may ask?

The moment any tourist (whether they come to the Bahamas and gamble in the casinos or not) who falls in love with a Bahamian and decides to marry a Bahamian, even if they keep their citizenship for their country of origin, the moment they marry that Bahamian, they too are automatically disqualified from playing in any casino in the Bahamas.

Discrimination is wrong people!

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