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June 20, 2010



I read with interest this article and one a while back by Larry Smith on Electoral Reform and some of the ideas put forth for resolution of the political and economic problems of the Bahamas.

Certainly while the FNM govt seems to have a more stable approach to governance it seems to lack the visionary ideas to move the country forward economically. The PLP administration likewise seem to be bogged down in keeping the old guard and old ideas in place, and even those progressive voices in the party seem to be stuck in not being able to promote their progressive agendas.

In any event, no political party seems to have the solution to the economic woes of the country. A capital market driven economy which provides for, and promotes local ownership of the major tenets of the economy is essential in the modern global economy.

In addition, electoral or better still government structural reform is necessary, see for example the following article written some time ago delineating some changes that may help.


The problems with bringing about change is that folks in charge don't usually want to change things, even if they recognize the need for change and the solutions available.

As Bruce Golding the current Prime Minister of Jamaica recognized some years ago, one solution stares us right in the face and few of us seem to recognize it. A system of Governance similar to the United States is a choice which brought that country from no country to the greatest politcal and economic power of the day and did it in a short 200 years. This marvel of development in the U.S. came about partially because of their use of a constitution that promoted and nutured such development.

Why reinvent the wheel. Many of the changes that Golding and other visionaries in the Caribbean see as the solution embraces much of the elements of the U.S. system of governance.

The example of Bruce Golding in Jamaica may be instructive. He came to power with excellent ideas and has not been able to even begin to bring about the type of reforms he envisoned based on the fact that those in control do not like to change the status quo that put thhem in control.

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