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June 22, 2010


Erik Russell

Thanks for this article, Larry. Hope you actually got some vacationing in, too!

"Just puree business, pleasure and philanthropy together in a blender - and out pops a Rotarian working on a project somewhere." Great line!

All the best,


Rick Lowe

Excellent stuff.
A great tribute to a greater organisation.

Anne Lever

Another interesting article, Larry.
I have been following the work of Greg Mortenson since reading his inspiring book "Three Cups of Tea". I believe he travels the world promoting his cause - would be great for him to come here!
Aside from all that, I enjoyed reading your article and appreciate the recognition given to the achievements of Rotary.
Anne Lever

john robertson

Best I have ever read.


Sue Webster

Great article Larry - enjoyed reading it and very informative too.
Sue Webster

M-A, M-C, and Decent Darshan

Enjoyed reading this article Larry! Thanks.

And a special thanks to all those Rotarians who do so much good work around the world!

sid sweeting

Excellent article, Larry
It was really refreshing to see you working so hard at being less cynical.
Who can predict the future? Maybe some day Larry Smith joining the down right decent, mostly middle-aged and thoroughly middle class folks.
What a headline!

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