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August 09, 2010



All that is left then is to do it!
But, Government cannot do it, perhaps their singular lack of vision prevents, and the Civil service lacks any initiative but self preservation at this point, with so many being thrown under the bus for political error.
The private sector, well, most simply try to survive the myriad of interfering Civil service/political obstacles thrown up.
Not to mention the quasi dependency that is willingly accepted.
I agree that we have ignored our history at our own peril, both good and bad aspects, and this leaves us in a sum negative position.
If you subjugate people sufficiently, the way so many have been, you cannot expect individual initiative to thrive, which is exactly what is needed, but not yet directly asked for.
Government only need focus on a few key issues:
Incarceration facilities,
Civil service inefficiencies,
Civil service streamlining.
They may well find that individual human initiative might reappear to do just what you suggest, if left alone long enough to dream and strive again.

Bob Knaus

An excellent article. I have told visitors many times "Tourism is to the Bahamas what coal once was to West Virginia. It's the only industry, whether you like it or not."

I think that touches on the real reason for economic diversification in the Bahamas. With GDP close to 70% tourism and 20% financial services, career options are limited. Suppose your personality is not suited to customer service. What then? Perhaps the Bahamian problems of sourpuss bartenders and brain drain are related? Either you take a job you hate, or you leave.

There is no question that the service sector, not manufacturing or agriculture, is the future of prosperity in the Bahamas. The service sector is WAY broader than tourism. With the right infrastructure in place, and with restrictions on foreign business ownership eased, the Bahamas could become the center for a whole range of technolgy-based businesses.


"Either you take a job you hate, or you leave."

It doesn't get any more accurate than that.

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