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October 11, 2010


Dr. Dexter Johnson

The Bahamar development underscores the total failure of both PLP and FNM administrations to govern in our interests. Both have failed in the critical task of balancing the contradictions of tourism with the inevitable need for growth and expansion of the inhabitants of New Providence, and the economic health of the wider Bahamas.
Inevitably the Bahamar development will prove to be incompatible with the need for expansion of the New Providence population...further it will increase the drift to New Providence from the other islands, swelling an already overpopulated situation.
The mad rush to please foreign direct investors by rash so called leaders, incapable of balancing vital competing interests may have already doomed Bahamians to inevitable failure as a viable nation!
As concession upon ruinous concessions continue to be made what will be the policy of the plantation overseer leaders, or the fate of this nation when there is nothing left to give away???

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