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October 06, 2010


susan webster

Interesting article - and as a now infrequent visitor to Nassau I have witnessed what urban development can do and has done to historical heritage - I could weep every time I think of Uncle Frank Parks' wonderful old Bahamian house with outdoor kitchen on Market Street which I loved so much and which is no longer there - sadly, just one of many


Good article Larry, I too remember visits to family over in Miami and later Ft. Lauderdale and still visit with family over there as far up as Ocala.
Dad said he used to hunt squirrels on what is now a runway of Mia Intl Airport!
My Grand Mother worked over there during the Contracts.
Bahamians spend in the area of 1.1 billion a year in Fla, (2006 figure if memory serves) and that doesn't include significant sums spent in other states by Bahamian merchants aquiring goods.
I remember going to Disney expecting an amusement park, and finding only a double wide trailer with displays of the first proposed rides, saying Comming soon!!
History is ignored to our own detriment.

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