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December 08, 2010


Lynn Sweeting

you're killing me man.

Nick Higgs

Everyone seems to be avoiding the elephant in the room; Assange didn't leak the files - someone passed them on to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is a tool and I cannot see how Assange is in any way responsible, other than for any editorial decisions regarding priority of publication. In this sense I would question the wisdom of publishing diplomatic gossip.

The US government appears to be trying to deflect the blame for its own shortcomings in managing its personnel and security. Was the information stolen from them? It seems to me that if it was passed on by a Government employee (such as Bradley manning) then there is no case for WikiLeaks to answer.


The Irony of Wikileaks is that need a government structure to handle all the secret info coming out.


In my opinion, Dame Sawyer is a strange individual. We must have public vetting of Judges who have so much power. A judge should not be hearing voices!

Joshua Wu

Hello: I just wanted to say that I hope everything works out well for this young man. He is a Hero and should not have to pay with his life for having brought crimes by the government to light.


I have sent a couple of donations when I could and hold Bradley Manning in great great esteem but I think sending this out when Julian Assange is sitting in jail and WikiLeaks is still trying to operate is unfortunate timing since they are having trouble accessing their funds. Also,many are waiting to donating until they know the donation will safely get to them. We have a common enemy and we all need to be working together, not causing divisions.

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