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January 04, 2011


Dr. Robert Fritz

Well written...again. Reminds me of the book..."Who Moved My Cheese" which is fully applicable in this case.

J. W.

Well written and right on the mark. If Cable and Wireless, or any other buyer, is willing to invest in BTC to make it competitive then I welcome them. The company cannot remain as it is.

Ken Clarke

I hope whomever was paid to write that article got all their money. The link was given to me by Camm Le Flage, claiming they didn't know where they got it from. this is clearly a piece in the vain that C&W is advertising to have done for them for $550,000 per annum. As to be expectant it is clearly misleading. The decisions at BTC are being characterised as if BTC was a private firm run by a group of managers who made all the decisions. The implicationis that these mangers, all Bahamians are incapable and incompetent and have led BTC down the garden path of destruction and decay. It is completely ignored that in fact the BTC Board makes all criticl decisions includung which technology will be installed and who gets the contract to install it. It is also ignored that there is no veto power from management based on any criteria whatsoever. That being the case, the current Prime Minister , who for at least 10 of the last fifteen years controlled thath Board, is significantly to blame for the current state of the corporation. To management's credit, the day to day operations, deficient as they may be, are profitable.

This issue of corporate size and ability to provide technology is absolute nonsense. What prevents BTC from providing technology its not the company size but the size of the market and the ability to find enough customers to use and pay for the services once the technology is put in place. Is the writer assuming that C&W or anyone else is going to put money into technology which the market cannot afford and will not pay for? BTC is losing mney on Blackberry as we speak and this is evidenced by its dropping the price for internet acces, numerous promotions and sales and offering the service to prepaid customers. A move which is comical at best considering that these are the same customers they couldn't get to buy $20 phone cards so they introduced $10 and $5 cards. BTC faces the same reduction of land line and long distance revenues which every market is experiencing and is still getting long distance revenues from the plans provided by long distance packagers. I would expect BTC is getting some overhead from even Vonage, which is including The Bahamas in its Worldpass package.

There is no evience that C&W will or can afford tomake any significant investment in technology in The Bahamas. This sounds so much likethe Cable Bahamas promise that every island and every settlement in The Bahamas would have cable. 15 years later that is still a pipe dream. Responsible corporate managements simply do not invest in things which cannot be profitable. It is muchmore likely that C&W will quickly make BTC more profitable, take these profist off the table and then claim that they cannot make these investments and either sell the more profitable shell abck to the government or to someone else for at least but more than likely more than they paid for it. The only acceptance which will come hard to Bahamians is that they have been screwed once again.

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