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January 12, 2011



Thanks Larry. Nice work.
Sometimes facts spoil people's arguments don't they?

J. W.

Great article and thank you. If there is an alternative Bahamian company or consortium have them come to the table and produce a competing business plan and decide based on due diligence. If as the govt has pointed out there is no Bahamian based alternative then allow the process to move forward.

fann bowe

If the union leaders signed the major component of the deal, then what is the really issue with cable and wireless? Were they forced to sign? What are the reall issues behind this deal? Please keep us informed I think this article is very informative

larry smith

No, they weren't forced to sign. A large part of the controversy is political (i.e. tied to the upcoming election). And the union has an interest in protecting jobs and seeking concessions (such as the size of the severance packages). If union leaders can derail privatisation completely, then the status quo can remain indefinitely.

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