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February 13, 2011


Greg Jaynes

What a bunch of self serving whining. Bahamas has benefitted greatly from it's association with the U.S. Just the luck of geography I'm sure, nevertheless there's a reason you aren't Haiti.

I never hear the alleged goodwill from your country. You say it's there, but when is the last time you or your countrymen made a point of it? No. All I hear are complaints.

I haven't forgotten the hateful comments Bahamanians made about American cruisers when you tripled your entry fee for our private boats. Yes, we complained about it. But your countrymens response was very telling.

Now what is that America hasn't done for you? Built you a city or upgraded your infrastructure? I didn't know we owed you that.

Airdog America

Myself and my family have been involved in the Bahamas since the early 1940's and I for one have never seen a return on our efforts , financial help and compassion. It only led to more expectations and this is obviously what the author Simon is looking for along with a very stale "America Bashing". If the author thinks that the U.S. is heartless wait until he gets a dose of Chinese compassion. Obviously Simon has never done much traveling to the Far East and his only intent is to try and leverage the situation for more handouts. Oh by the way when the shores of Cuba are opened up to U.S. travelers and investors how do you think that will impact his love for the good ole USA !

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