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March 08, 2011


Rick Lowe

Three cheers!

Lynn Gape

Thank You Larry!

anne lever

Another great article Larry! If that doesn't get a clear message to the public, what will...........?


Well done Larry, two birds with one stone!
I find it interesting that no one has brought up the EU-EPA/WTO pressure through the requirement to Liberalise and privatize many of our state owned Corporations.
BTC, BEC, Bahamasair, Water and Sewage etc.
Competition will be beneficial to Bahamians as a whole, but individually we will eventually be forced to compete with internationals Mano a Mano.
In the Context of 40 years of "Nationalism" and it's current active flag waving, we are in for a bumpy ride.
Unless the Truth starts to become useful to those with an agenda, what ever it may be.

A. Knowles

Great article Larry; well done indeed!
However, it may need to be re-written at a kindergarten level in order for the malicious multi-personalities that follow BP to have some comprehension of the facts you have written.

larry smith

I don't think so. I'm sure BP is funded and operated by some intelligent, well-connected and deep pocketed folks. They are just completely cynical. And my comments were not really directed at BP, but to some of its potential audience.

A. Knowles

As were my comments,Larry,to those that follow...

larry smith

so you were - my bad.


I truly do not believe Bahamas Press is that expensive to run. The quality is low and actually just seems to be a type of blog. Yet, it seems a lot of Bahamians read rant blogs as opposed to real information. I wonder why as that is also happening in the rest of the world also - sound bites of "junk information" preferred over true information. Thank you for the great article.


"Another great article Larry! If that doesn't get a clear message to the public, what will...........?"

A few years ago I was discussing something I read on this site with a friend. The info I read here was so at odds with what he believed he demanded to know who it was online writing all these "lies". We visited the site and he saw the name "larry smith" and started a lengthy rant about "that white muthaf*****".

Now, I have to be honest here. I do not read the papers. I'm pretty uninformed about _most_ local issues and completely in the dark about any gossip relating to any notable public figures. If you gave me a list of photos and a list of names of politicians I'd barely be able to match a name to a face. I get all my news on-line. Black text on white pages written by anonymous, unpronounceable usernames. On the web I'm colorblind, even when it comes to local issues.

I had no idea who Larry Smith was, where he used to work, what color his skin was, nothing. All I knew was he talked more sense than almost everybody else.

And here's my friend who can't even read the entire article without stumbling on a word in EVERY sentence telling me everything Larry says is bullshit and his main (possibly only) reason is that he's white.

"Another great article Larry! If that doesn't get a clear message to the public, what will...........?"

There is a segment of the public (I'm not sure how big) who will not accept any message written by Larry Smith. There are others who will not listen to anyone the same color as Larry Smith (in some situations, in other situations the will ONLY respect the opinion of a white American!).

But most importantly, many people will not get your message because they cannot comprehend the way you write! They can't put the meaning of the words together to understand what you're saying. They just know you are contradicting what they already believe and their eyes glaze over when they get to the paragraph where you try to state your facts.

I had another friend who took a sentence somebody wrote on this site to mean the opposite of what it actually meant. I spent 20 minutes breaking that sentence down for them, going over the definition of each word they could barely pronounce, pointing out that former means the first thing and latter means the last thing!

What really pisses me off is that I failed English class 8 years in a row in high school! I repeated 10th & 11th grade, and almost didn't graduate! All my friends graduated and never repeated yet many have no idea how to listen to facts from all sides of an issue and make sense of them.

If you want people to listen you might need to ghost write for someone black and definitely dumb-it-down, all the way down, with bullet points and visual aids.

larry smith

There is certainly a case for videos, bullet points, cartoons, rallies, ads and sound bites.

But that's not what I do. I am not a propagandist. Others are far better at that than me.

Few journalists/commentators in this country seek to provide in-depth information, perspective and reasoned, broadly non-partisan analysis to help folks make a judgement on the issues.

From the comments I get, both on and off this site, I think what I am trying to do (and I may not be successful all of the time) is useful enough for those who are interested.

After all, the intelligentsia are the opinion leaders, and the expectation is that their views will eventually filter down.

I'm afraid I can't do anything about my ethnic background, except perhaps darken the photo that appears on my column logo.

I would, however, be interested to hear more about the "lengthy rant".

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