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March 07, 2011


Carey Leonard

Clement Attlee was elected by default, not because of Cabinet experience. After the Second World War the British people, whilst greatful to Churchill for his very strong leadership, felt that he was, in many ways, to dictatorial and had to go. Secondly the two world wars had broken down much of, what had been, a ridged class structure and gave the lower classes the right to vote in a meaningful way. Regretabbly Attlee was elected. His government nationalized everything that they could, legislated special powers to the unions and put a super tax on the rich. The result was an economic disaster. It sent the UK economy into a tail spin. The wealthy left inlarge numbers, and took their money with them. Those who were entreprenurial, were frustrated and a brain drain followed. It was not until Margret Thatcher's conservative government of the 1980's did the UK economy make a meaningful turn around. Trudeau was only in cabinet for a year before becoming Prime Minister and turned out to be one of Canada more popular prime ministers.


A lot of mumbo jumbo talk, but here we go; Branville had every reason to leave once the full scope of this fiasco called the sale of BTC was revealed. I've come to the appreciation that this country isn't about the people, but is, and always will be about the collective few who are themselves part of the Oligarchy or more accurately, a Kleptocracy---and will always have the choicest places at the table; ergo, it's better to be subjugated in a foreign nation, than to be enslaved and imprisoned in this quagmire by the kleptocracy and the oligarchy. BEC robs us, the government lies to us and gives away our birth rights to foreigners and the chief Prince of the Oligarchy and his cohorts. I'm hoping to call ABC or Fox, or any one interested in getting easy ratings to expose the level of corruption in our government, namely, our government self invested business practices. Not to mention the extortion practices of BEC. For us to entertain this present Government or any Government, without calling for a Referendum to limit the power of these ones, or to be able to expunge any decisions perpetrated by them, we would be nothing more than beggars to our own demise. McCartney may be inconsistent, but at least he's not an instrument of subjection against a people, that had the opportunity to rise above the filth, but has now been submerged completely beneath the sewage, by this instrument of subjection, perpatrated by the KAGE---The chief of the Oligarchy--- and his puppets. I don't blame McCartney for leaving Immigration either, I worked at a company where; the foreign element is being paid in a month what I made in a year. Even further, these expats(?) have full amenities, while the liars tells us to focus on the Haitian and Jamaican situation. Sorry, not all of us are fooled by that rhetoric. Especially since, many of these foreign elements comes here, makes tons of money, and treats all of us like black sambo gorillas---I've met one foreigner who didn't consider white Bahamians white, but he was given a work permit and residency in record time to do what white and black Bahamians could do. But who am I kidding, didn't they do the same thing with Urka (is that how it's spelled, does it even matter?)---beat that ya bad!

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