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March 16, 2011


Noel Rodman

I have been able to sell solar systems to clients in the Bahamas who realize the savings and are willing to be paid back on a 7- 10- year time frame. Most are not concerned with net metering, they just want to save what they can during the daylight hours and heavy use periods.

Interestingly, some of the meters on jobs I have done are giving the clients net metering. Others are not. The new meters BEC is installing from Itron and Silver Springs are very sophisticated and can be programmed for many different parameters.

I think the government is on the wrong track when it comes to alternate forms of energy here. Instead of contracting with a big company which promises big projects, including acres of solar panels and huge wind farms, they could get the same amount of power for free by just allowing net metering.

Think about all the homes and commercial buildings which would install thousands of these small systems feeding the grid. There would not have to be any money exchanged, only credit on your power bill for the amount of kilowatt hours you produce.

Instead, they are looking for some huge, expensive, high expectation job which will cost millions of dollars and maybe add a few jobs for a short period of time.

The answer is really net metering and leting everybody install their own small projects on their own property.

PV prices have continued to come down in the US and solar panels attract only a 10% stamp tax in the Bahamas. This industry gets more viable with each drop in equipment costs.

I think once there is a net metering agreement with BEC, you will see a flood of people willing to invest in their own properties by installing these systems due to the high and rising cost of power there.


HI Larry, explain the "tarrif" aspect further, as in what I'm understanding is I invest in Solar/wind, get paid at some less than billed amount from BEC via dual meters, AND get taxed on what I produce?
I can see why BEC doesn't want to pay same rates via net metering, the meter will record but through waste in the system they get no usable quantity.
Waste in distribution is huge here.


I heard (former BEC chairman) Fred.Gottlieb stand in public and say net metering was illegal. I know for a fact that several places in the bahamas have net metering. I asked a BEC employee why and he said it all depends who you are.
Such typical 3rd world bs.

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