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March 01, 2011


Ruth Calvin

Hummm. Don't know how I ever missed this interesting piece of history!! How many people felt sorry for Edward and Willis and we knew nothing of this. Pays to study history.

larry smith

Largely because the government and the royal family did everything they could to keep it under wraps - for various reasons. And the Windsors were not the only members of the British aristocracy to support the Nazis. The 225-page FBI report, and most British files were released in 2003, but even now the British are still withholding some classified material. The whole "giving up the throne for the woman I love" romance was a huge distraction - especially for Americans. And then there is the tendency among Britons to accord more respect to the royal family than it is due.

Leandra Esfakis

Queen Victoria's mother was a German Princess, her governness was German, Prince Albert was her cousin, and they spoke German at home. Queen Victoria's father was a Hanover - a German branch of the British royal family, invited to take up the English throne in the early 1700's. Queen Victoria's grandson was Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany in WW I. It seems the Duke of Windsor may have had a genetic / political affinity to Germany which was entirely inappropriate in the times.

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