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April 04, 2011


E Dieufaite

Opportunity is a sneaky little bastard. He tend to show up when we least expect. Who knows whether this election cycle is prime for a successful third party bid. If the stars do align one of the critical elements needed is that, third parties show up. I will hate to see an alignment(stars) that goes to waste. With that in mind, third parties fight on, opportunity shows up whether you are in the arena or not. If you are there, he will leave something with you and if you are not he takes it with him.


Mr. McCartney's DNA is DOA. You have summed up the history of the third parties in the Bahamas quite well. What is the DOA offering that is significantly different from the other parties? If Mr. McCartney is opposed in his seat by both the FNM and PLP, he will likely lose his deposit as will all other DNA candidates.

William Wong

Very interesting.

Like many others I am sick and tired of the politics in this country, where leaders are petty-minded and think they have a monopoly on common sense and they attack you publicly when you disagree with them.

This is wrong and the sooner we change this attitude the better.

A third party has to start somewhere. Perhaps they will not be successful, but might win enough seats to become a power broker and then perhaps they can hold the government's feet to the fire.

I am disillusioned about how this country is run and would like to see changes before we all lose hope.

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