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June 22, 2011


Nick Higgs

Someone commits murder, therefore that person should murdered? Who then is the murderer? Hang us all?

The only thing that gets reduced is the population count. People will still be murdered until there is a shift from the shallow materialistic goals of pop culture.

Even so, there must be a more humane way of imposing the death penalty. Hanging?... seriously? Why not bring back crucifixion? Any desire to cause excess pain, humiliation or torture only brings out in us, that which we are condemning.


The deterrence debate ignores one thing. Without a doubt, the prospect of spending the rest of your life inside HMP is nothing anyone would look forward to. Therefore, most people who commit murder do so thinking that they're committing the perfect crime and won't be caught and punished at all. If that is the case, the potential punishment (execution or life behind bars) becomes irrelevant.

Also, as you're bringing up the highly speculative deterrence theory, you may also want to discuss the not yet proven but more convincingly argued brutalization theory, which suggests that societies with capital punishment tend to be more violent (and thus plagued by higher rates of violent crime) than societies without.

Finally, why is it that the debate in the Bahamas focuses so much of punishment (after the fact) rather than prevention? If I were a murder victim, I would not be in a position to care any longer about what kind of punishment my murderer received. I would prefer not to be killed in the first place - which brings me back to the brutalization theory: we should strive to become less violent (dare I dream: non-violent).


@steve I think it's the other way around.

Some country in europe has an island full of murderers where they have free reign over the island and even pilot the boat to the island themselves. People visit the island on the weekend like it's a park!

It is not the lack capital punishment that makes that country so peaceful that it can have a prison like that. It is the culture, standard of living and education of the country's citizens that cause it.

The same way all the troublemakers being expelled from my high-school in 9th grade made it easier for the rest of us to graduate, criminals need to be promptly locked up and kept away from peaceful people for as long as possible. Letting people out on bail after being accused of murder while they were already out on bail accused of a prior murder is stupid!

Solving the problem starts with the hundreds of other criminals, not just the handful on death row.

We need another prison on another island so that when we do lock people up it's much harder for them to communicate with their partners in crime in Nassau.

We need to keep non-violent criminals separate from the others. Let's face it, a whole lot of peaceful Bahamians have broken many many laws and either weren't caught or the cops weren't in the mood for enforcing the law that day.

Prison should become a place of TRUE REHABILITATION. Prisoners should not be allowed to leave unless they pass a series of tests, psychological and academic, that prove they have worked on themselves to try to be a better citizen.

If I could I would make Fox Hill more like a school. From 8am to 8pm their day would be filled with education and job training.

Do we have any statistics on how many prisoners read/write below a 4th grade level or are totally illiterate? Any connections between repeat offenders and lack of a highschool diploma?

If I were PM new teachers would start their training at Fox Hill! Eventually even non-inmates would want to participate in some courses offered in Prison.

Our money feeds, clothes, and puts a roof over these criminals heads. Our government basically Mothers them. They have everything provided for them like children! Well, all the children I know MUST GO TO SCHOOL!

Dr. Julius Theophilus

The Bahamas is a TREMENDOUS Country with people of integrity, with people who are hard working and law abiding, with people who love their families and want to move about society without having to worry about being accosted and or relieved of their belongings and or life for no good reason or simply because someone wants to acquire the easy way of making a living, with people who try and instill morals in their children and extended families, with peole who love education and travel the world, with people who MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE JESUS CHRIST and HIS FATHER GOD both of whom in my mind will not mind if the LAW of the land is to hang for taking a life or a crime that deserves the death penalty then SO ORDERED, SO DONE. From my lips to God's Ear. May God Always protect the Bahamas and her Beautiful Citizens.

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