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July 19, 2011


Dr. Julius Theophilus

The Bahamas has a serious crime problem and it is indeed no secret. Crime has crippled our society and it threatens the very fabric of our Bahamian Society and the foundation of the Bahamian Family. Fixing the Criminal Justice System begins in the home in my opinion where Parents and Guardians instill character and a sense of right and wrong in their children. Consequences for one's actions must be instilled in our children. The Bahamian Society MUST get its house in order with respect to this issue or suffer tremendously in all facets of our daily lives as we presently are. May God guide us and give us the strength and wisdom to " Fix Our Criminal Justice System " God Bless and Protect The Bahamas and Her Wonderful People.


The system is broken and has been broken for a long time. I am of the opinion that lawyers are the problem.They have beaten and rape lady justice for so long, all attempts at resuscitating her has failed. If the lawyers who dominate the political field can get a system fix that they are suppose to be experts in, how in the world they are going to fix education, health or any other area. We need more practical people in politics.


What hogwash! Why didn't Mr Munroe try to "fix" the system when he was president of the Bar Association? Why didn't he implement the legal aid system when he had the chance, as president of the Bar Association? Why is he so complacent in ridding the legal community of corrupt lawyers? Why do lawyers charge so much for doing so little? And they get paid whether they perform or not. Mr Munroe disgraced the judicary when he was an acting magistrate years ago. He chose to run for the DNA because he and Bran were roommates in college, not because of ideology. He fails to mention that too many lawyers take advantage of the dysfunctional legal system by intentionally and clandestinely stalling cases. Mr Munroe and his ilk are the problem with the legal system.


Inasmuch as this government and the culture that supports it has become over time a murderous oppressor of people and nations and at the same time continue to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors against all of the world's inhabitants, I cannot in good faith consent to its rule.

Consent of the Governed

At one time in my life when I was younger and more trusting in those leaders who ruled the nation, I consented to the government’s handling of social, political, and economic affairs and my role in such activities. I impliedly accepted the idea that authority vested in the agencies of government was somewhat sanctified in that all of the people must for the benefit of the world and in pursuit of peace recognize law and public policy standards as outlined by all appropriate agencies of government.

Inasmuch as government has now become unduly oppressive, murderous and inhumane (as evidenced in part by an uninterrupted string of local and global atrocities and crimes against humanity over the past century) I can no longer give my consent to be ruled by the illegitimate authority that calls itself the United States of America.
From my personal experience I find that the criminal and civil laws of this nation (and the cultural standards that support them) are impossible to honor in many instances because they are secret in their making, arbitrary in their enforcement and insufferably oppressive in their application. Such obscure laws, standards and secret rules are used by political fiat to imprison and to destroy lives of people in a kind of game where prosecutor, defense attorney, judge and citizenry all conspire to ruin, imprison or kill the individual for alleged offenses that do not approach in severity the crimes and unlawfully brutal tactics used against them by their detractors; neither do the actual offenses alleged against a person generally compare in degree of severity to the crimes committed against him by the accusers. Those government agents (and their paid killers in uniform or in the private sector) who seek to selectively apply their contrived and illegitimate rule of law against unsuspecting citizens now advance against the people with unwarranted malice, tortuous brutality, and advanced cruel weaponry.

No free man who yet has an ounce of will power and self-respect may therefore submit to the completely out of control government of the United States of America. Any judgment or levy against any citizen or resident of the United States by any current officer of the three branches of government, or by any administrative agency thereof, is by definition corrupt, devoid of legitimacy and intolerable to men and women of good conscience because those who (with evil intent, malice aforethought and wickedly selfish heart) wield the bloody ax of law against our people are the real criminals far more dangerous and threatening to humanity than the millions of men and women imprisoned under Nazi like orders of this hideous regime.

In good conscience and by the remaining will power afforded by Providence I do not give my consent to be ruled by the present United States government because it is a global murderous and criminal enterprise bent on world inhumane domination at any cost.

geral sosbee

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